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  1. World of Vipville

    World of Vipville: Changelog for a Nonexistent Video Game

    World of Vipville only lasted for 29 tweets from late July to early August. This Twitter account tracked changes for an intriguing but fake urban-themed massively multiplayer video game, defining angles of this massive nonexistant world in a Borges-like work of marginalia fiction.

    The updates are too interesting to be real, but there are several red herrings thrown in, like a bland privacy update every so often. I had to check several times to assure myself it was all fake.

    Here are a couple of the best tweets. See them all on Twitter.

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  2. Guitar Hero buttons

    What Your Favorite Video Game (Series) Says About You

    If your favorite game isn’t listed below, tell me in the comments and I’ll tell you what it says about you.

    Halo: You regularly visit your old frat house.

    Minecraft: You’re a very attentive lover.

    Dead or Alive: You spit a little when you talk.

    Team Fortress 2: You unfavorably compare “anime-ized” modern cartoons with Tex Avery classics.

    Starcraft: You like cooking, but not baking.

    Wii Sports: You have other couples over for “taco night”.

    Call of Duty: You have bedhead.

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  3. Chinese gold farmers

    Let Me Tell You About That WoW Gold Seller Who Hacked Your Account

    UPDATE: “Let Me Tell You” is a series of fiction pieces about internet villain archetypes, unintended to be interpreted as real. We apologize to new readers who were confused.

    You logged on just in time to make it to the raid. You were excited, because based on last night’s attempts, you were confident that your guild would take down Deathwing and plant his jawbone in the middle of Orgrimmar. As you headed to the auction house to buy flasks, something struck you as odd. You were naked. Perplexed, you opened the character screen and saw that, were it not for your guild tabard, your rotting Forsaken private bits would be on display for the whole world. Of Warcraft.

    A little more frantic now, you opened your bags. Empty, save for a few stacks of teleportation runes. You blinked to the bank, where your worst fears were confirmed: you were hacked. Your guild might be taking down Deathwing, but they were going to do it without you. Naked mage DPS is slightly worse than even arms warrior DPS. You would have to suffer the indignity of being benched for the night while your comrades gathered to take down the terror of Azeroth. Staring blankly at the computer screen, lost in the despair of losing your raid spot, you wished a thousand and one deaths on whomever was evil enough to do such a thing to you.

    Jiang was the eldest son of a peasant family in southern China. »

  4. Virtual Planking

    Virtual Planking: Video Games Go Face Down

    My editor asked me if I could find examples of planking in video games. He figured there would be MILLIONS of examples. Since he is my boss, I am going to say that his estimation was verrrrry close.

    In reality, after scouring several internets, I have discovered that there are 12 examples. Also, they aren’t very interesting or funny. But the thing is, when life hands me lemons, I take them to a nursing home and throw them at the elderly… because it brings me joy.

    Lemons ready. Target acquired… »

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