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  1. Supercut: Awkward meal time

    So… how was your Thanksgiving? Looking forward to Christmas with the family?

    See the list of featured films. »

  2. Woody Allen is the Terminator

    Woody Allen is the Terminator

    Using only audio from trailers for The Terminator and video from Woody Allen’s Sleeper, One Minute Galactica presents a robot that’s more neurotic than terrifying.

  3. 8 directors remake Star Wars

    So Zack Snyder was, and then wasn’t, making a Seven Samurai ripoff within the Star Wars universe for Disney. He’s got a very distinctive style, so everyone had the potential movie appear fully formed in their mind’s eye as soon as they heard the news.

    Yoda Sparta

    And since Disney’s planning to do a bunch of Star Wars universe movies beyond the new trilogy, we’ve got a lot more auteur Jedi epics to imagine. So here’s what will come to mind if any critically acclaimed directors get a rumored chance to build on George Lucas’s legacy.

    First up: Woody Allen’s ‘To Tatooine With Love’ »

  4. Woody Allen in Twilight

    Aaron Sorkin’s Star Wars and Woody Allen’s Twilight

    The recently popular sketch “If Aaron Sorkin Had Written Twilight” is decent! Not great, but decent. Instead, watch the same two girls’ Sorkinization of a scene from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and their Woody Allen version of Twilight.

    See how Padmé and Anakin should have talked. »

  5. niggas in paris at midnight

    This Is Everything: Niggas in Paris at Midnight

    This mashup of “Niggas in Paris” and Midnight in Paris is not just everything because it’s fun, clever and slick, but because tastemaking (yes) blogger Jason Kottke said about it:

    This is so perfectly in the wheelhouse that I can’t even tell if it’s any good or not.

    Most “fun things we found on the internet” bloggers experience this. I defy them not to. But I don’t know how many would recognize that they’re experiencing this, or admit it. Videogum‘s Gabe Delahaye could probably write two thousand David-Foster-Wallacean words on it. He’s done as much before.

    Because blogging for money and/or attention is partly giving people what they want, and partly showing what you value, and a very important part is trying to make those two match up in a satisfying way, and oh god just watch a Woody Allen rap video.

    Watch ‘Niggas in Paris at Midnight’. »

  6. Big Lebowski Coenfographic

    I Love Charts’ Top Ten Charts About Movies

    Jason Oberholtzer, editor of I Love Charts, guest-posts:

    Nerds love movies. Nerds love charts. Nerds love combining their loves (bacon unicorns, zombie narwhals). Thus, we get tons of charts about movies at I Love Charts. Here are ten of my favorites.

    Take time to notice the attention to detail, specificity and minutiae. What other population would take the time to study and reproduce every pair of glasses worn by Woody Allen on film, to compare the great trilogies in cinematic history, or to wonder about the power dynamics of Morgan Freeman vis-à-vis himself? Who else would calculate the potential risks of light saber ownership or how Ikea would build a DeLorean?

    And finally, who other than the nerds would be self-aware enough to plot their own progression towards full-blown movie geeks? Nerds, geeks, dweebs and other deminerds, I salute you.

    See all ten charts. »

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