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    Apple Pickers

    “Pumpkin spice please. Not the latte, just pour the spice down my throat.”

    Written and performed by Alex Schmidt and Nick Douglas
    Director of photography: Nate Bennett
    Music: “Nothing Much” by My Bubba & Mi

  2. Beauty and the Beat

    Beauty and the Beat: Not Racist, But Liking It Makes Me Feel Racist, But It’s OK

    As sous-blogger Henry puts it, “Any racial humor makes me nervous. Because white.” I agree! This video (starring Destorm, GloZell, Antoine Dodson and other YouTube celebrities) is super-fun and funny and white people should feel awkward but we can still love it!

    Watch ‘Beauty and the BEAT!’ »

  3. Nate Smith Black History Month

    Nate Smith, Best Dad Ever: Black History Month

    I sat my son down and taught him the entire history of racism.

    Watch him learn! »

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    It’s Not Racist If It’s Something Nice: Very Specific Racial Stereotypes

    Your mom didn’t mean to, like, point out that the guy in the story was a Chinese man. It just seemed kinda relevant! She wasn’t even saying anything bad about him, so what do you care!

    Clearly today’s casual racists are working with a whole set of stereotypes that the rest of us don’t know about. I’ve tried to pick out a few of them, all positive, which seem perfectly innocuous if you don’t squint too hard to see the obvious underlying prejudices.

    Based on a quote from Cole Stryker.

    Get ready to be slightly offended! »

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