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  1. IDF Twitter Black Friday

    @IDFSpokesperson: A Social Media Success Story

    Always conscious of public opinion, during the recent war in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) simultaneously waged a PR offensive across multiple social networks. On Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, the IDF has posted sharable photos and slick infographics aimed at justifying their military action. One member of the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit has even shared a meme extolling the power of Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome missile defense system.

    The IDF’s official Twitter account @IDFSpokesperson has been especially deft at navigating social media. The size of its online influence dwarfs that of Hamas, whose military wing has similarly used Twitter to posture online. In addition to livetweeting Operation Pillar of Cloud from start to finish, @IDFSpokesperson has deployed hashtags, trending topics, favorites, and other site-specific features to make its case. In one instance, the account piggybacked off the hashtag for the new Call of Duty game, trying to garner support from the teens who are a vital ally to the state of Israel:

    In another instance, @IDFSpokesperson reached out to James Bond himself, using the #Skyfall hashtag to pitch a listicle about their military gadgets:

    But the IDF has gotten very weird on Twitter. »

  2. elderly people on Google Images

    Things that are Weird Twitter

    Even though I explained Weird Twitter definitively, absolutely and inerrantly, some people still seem confused. So here’s some more examples of what “Weird Twitter” is:

    • Cuil Theory
    • Something Awful
    • hipsters
    • elderly
    • Chipotle
    • bugs
    • an ocean

    Things that are not Weird Twitter:

    • drugs
    • bullies
    • skipping school
  3. Weird Twitter map header

    “Weird Twitter” explained

    This is a response to a recent blowup over a grad student discovering and examining a group of Twitter users.

    The mere existence of this post will piss someone off. I think. Maybe they’re just joking. Whatevs.

    What is Weird Twitter?

    “Weird Twitter” is, simply, a loose group of Twitter users who write in a less-accessible form, using sloppy punctuation/spelling/capitalization, poetic experimentation with sentence format, first-person throwaway characters, and other techniques little known to the vast majority of “serious” Twitter users.

    These users are sometimes hard to distinguish from “low-quality” users like teens with textspeak or actual bots. Several of them regularly retweet, quote, or riff on @horse_ebooks tweets.

    Their tweets lean toward comedy, but maybe I just think that because that’s the part I like most. There could be some big crossover with Homestuck fanfic and I wouldn’t know. What gets me is that these users are actually innovating in the form of Twitter, rather than squeezing earlier forms into it. Their jokes seem, in some way that’s embarrassing to define (more on that later), written-for-Twitter in a way that, say, a Paula Poundstone tweet does not — in a way even a Rob Delaney tweet does not, though Delaney is a fan of several Weird Twitter users.

    See examples of Weird Twitter, and how it exploded this week. »

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