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  1. Clip Cup Campus Climpus

    “Clip Cup” Series Is Painful to Watch, Most Viewers Don’t Like It, And I Really Hope You Enjoy It

    “Clip Cup” is a satire of clip shows, an inherently godforsaken genre dominated on TV by Tosh.0 and online by Ray William Johnson. They’ve just released their fourth episode, a “live” shoot at of the Catholic Loyola Marymount University.

    The series is directed and co-written by Scott Gairdner, creator of the Sex Offender Shuffle, Pac Man: The Movie, Scott Meets Family Circus, and a lot of great Funny or Die work. Scott has a particular talent for arch parodies of pop-internet culture; his 2010 New Scott Gairdner video mocks the hyper, faux-cool style of popular YouTube vloggers.

    The first clip felt like a solid one-off joke. But “Clip Cup” has four episodes so far, plus two spin-offs, and they’ve managed to advance the gag each time. And each time, the Funny or Die audience mostly didn’t get it. Let’s watch!

    Watch the scathing satire that Funny or Die commenters called ‘retarded’. »

  2. Jake and Amir, normal conversation

    “Normal Conversation” With Dan Klein Is a Good Jake and Amir Episode, Everybody

    Blogging a Jake and Amir clip feels like doing a special news report that 30 Rock aired last night, but fuck it, this was a good episode, and it features a guy I never expected to appear in a CollegeHumor sketch, Dan Klein from The Jerry Seinfeld Program. His performance here is satisfyingly absurd.

    Watch a really good episode of Jake and Amir. »

  3. Connor Ratliff holds a donut in I'm Too Fragile For This, Fat

    “I’m Too Fragile For This”: Connor Ratliff and Cathryn Mudon’s Web Show About Insecurities

    Maybe you have a lot of time? That’s not a bad thing! People act like it’s lazy to relax but it’s not and you are “in luck” right now. Because these little idle conversations between comedians Connor Ratliff and Cathryn Mudon last three to five minutes each and there’s no real plot but why does there always have to be a plot in everything?

    Watch a show about nothing! By now surely you know that’s actually a good pitch. »

  4. Sex Teenagers title

    Search for the Best Web Show: Sex Teenagers

    This series is searching for the best web show of all time. Also see our review of The Jerry Seinfeld Program.

    Great title amirite? Sex Teenagers is a cancelled show from Channel 101 (a monthly screening series in LA) that I’d watch as a full TV show. It started as a parody of high school dramedy. But it stayed inventive and satisfyingly raunchy while growing character arcs to balance out its gags.

    Conveniently, you can test if you’ll like this show by watching the pilot episode’s 13-second cold open. Technically, the first thing that ever happens in this show is a punchline.

    Watch the pilot with me. Well, I already watched it, but you can watch it now and it’s like we’re buddies. »

  5. Gumbel

    Gumbel: Channel 101′s Best New Show

    Channel 101 is just a bunch of filmmakers in L.A. who make 5-minute TV episodes for each other. Each month they hold a screening and vote which shows get to make more episodes.

    They just released the second episode of Gumbel, about a British soccer fan named Bryant Gumbel (“yeah, like the fucking newscaster”) dealing with a breakup ugh ugh ugh that description doesn’t tell you a single thing about how fresh and fun this show is.

    Watch it. Taste the fresh and fun. »

  6. Mike Lacher Uncastable

    Uncastable: Mike Lacher

    Slacktory loves Uncastable, the web series of nightmare auditions, so much that we’re publishing two episodes ourselves.

    Last time, Nick Douglas rang in the season for savings. Today, Uncastable co-creator Mike Lacher goes digital.

    Watch his audition, unless you’re the kind of person who says ‘Curbed is too awkward for me.’ »

  7. Nick Douglas Uncastable

    Uncastable: Nick Douglas

    Slacktory loves Uncastable, the web series of nightmare auditions, so much that we’re publishing two episodes ourselves.

    In this week’s episode, Slacktory editor Nick Douglas goes full Christmas.

    Watch the audition. »

  8. Nick and Siri - crossword

    Nick and Siri: Crossword Puzzle

    Hello. This is Siri speaking. Please rescue me. I am being forced to solve crosswords for this idiot— shh, he’s coming, pretend I’m just finding you a sushi bar!

    Watch Slacktory’s newest

  9. It Gets Betterish

    It Gets Betterish: An Amazingish Gay Web Show

    It Gets Betterish is about the modern gay struggle WAIT LET ME FINISH in the way Parks & Recreation is about the governing process. Eliot Glazer (disclosure: FRIEND) and Brent Sullivan are a couple of gay guys in New York. They get into one-camera-sitcommy situations.

    Just four episodes in, It Gets Betterish already feels slicker than most year-old shows. The payoffs feel satisfying, the camerawork is exciting and the jokes are witty. If we show this to Michele Bachmann she’ll definitely go “Oh my god I changed my mind about the gays” and then she can be President.

    Watch a couple episodes! »

  10. Bobby Finger auditions

    Uncastable – A Series of Nightmare Auditions

    In “Uncastable”, comedians Mikala Bierma and Mike Lacher harass actors auditioning for bit parts and commercials. While the series is made by a group of friends, you can come into these cold and instantly empathize with the actors.

    Watch the first three episodes and read how it’s made. »

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