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  1. Maximus-Thor-in-the-mirror

    Weird Youtube: Maximus Thor

    The black hole of Youtube can be the worst way to ruin an afternoon, or the best way to find some of the strangest things on the internet. For example, Maximus Thor.

    The first video is unassuming enough–a young, blonde, permanently shirtless child (apparently named Maximus) hops along a jungle gym, then turns to the camera and, in the voice of a large black man, proclaims, “Hi, beeyatch!” But wait.

    In his next video, he discusses Darth Vader’s anatomy. »

  2. animals web show - horses

    New episode of “Animals” you guys

    In the latest standalone episode of the Channel 101 series “Animals”, two friends hang out in Central Park. They are both horses.

    Watch ‘Horses’. »

  3. Awkward Sunrise sexy people

    Awkward Sunrise: A show about sexy awkward sex-people

    Awkward Sunrise is an utterly undiscovered web show about people having sex and talking. It’s shot crisply, and it ranges from “so relatable” to delightfully silly, without ever forcing a punchline. Each episode is a single two-minute scene.

    Watch a couple episodes. »

  4. cartoon rats

    Just Two Rats Talkin’ Like Dudes

    This isn’t some caught-on-the-subway “viral video” of animals behaving like humans. It’s actual scripted comedy. Give actual scripted comedy a chance for once, yeah? It’s three minutes of cartoon rats talking about a party.

    This is the second episode of a Channel 101 NY show called “Animals”, by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano. The first episode had pigeons.

    See the rats talk. »

  5. Each Other's Butlers - Wade Randolph and Eric Acosta

    Each Other’s Butlers: A Five-Minute Show

    What a great fuckin’ concept, right? This is a one-episode show from Channel 101 (a screening series in LA for five-minute videos). Two guys are each other’s butlers.

    It’s an unseen classic from 2006, before Channel 101 co-creator Dan Harmon became the famous showrunner of Community.

    Watch the show. »

  6. Angry Chinese man in racist cartoon

    Onion’s “Behind the Pen”: A Fictional Political Cartoonist Explaining His Fictional Political Cartoons

    Pretty high-concept! The Onion’s editorial cartoons have long been one repeated, well-told joke: Stan Kelly is an out-of-touch political cartoonist who lets his personal life bleed into his work. It’s like this little tucked-away holdover from the days when columnists Jim Anchower, Jackie Harvey, and Jean Teasdale update more than twice a year, and Herbert Kornfeld from Accounts Receivable hadn’t died.

    And now the comic gets even more insidery, with videos of Kelly “explaining” his comics (a lot like Mort Walker explaining Beetle Bailey, mashed with You Suck at Photoshop). It looks cheap to make, but it actually explores new territory within the beautiful character of Stan Kelly. The voice acting is impeccably grizzled but believable. You can hear the spittle in this man’s mouth. And little touches, like the re-use of certain stock photos and a segment just for showing off Kelly’s little self-portrait and closing one-liner in each cartoon, reward you for watching the whole series.

    Watch the two best episodes of ‘Behind the Pen’. »

  7. smiling redheaded woman in I Miss Drugs

    “I Miss Drugs” Episode 2: “Simple Human”

    I have this Simple Human trashcan. I encouraged my girlfriend we “deserved” it. I am proud of my trashcan. I believe it was “worth it”. And that is why this video gives me many feels.

    “I Miss Drugs” is a web show Slacktory takes super-seriously. It’s like “That Fight Club scene where Edward Norton describes his apartment: The Series.”

    Watch your youth turn into objects. »

  8. Asshole in a relationship with Mikala Bierma and Emmy Blotnick

    Asshole in a Relationship: New Web Series From the “Disappointing Gay Best Friend” People

    Comedian Mikala Bierma of “Disappointing Gay Best Friend” co-stars with Emmy Blotnick in a new one-minute web show.

    Disclaimer: I know these people and they think I’m cool and they invite me to things sometimes.

    Watch! »

  9. I Miss Drugs - man with throw pillow

    “I Miss Drugs”: One Damn Understated Web Show

    God, I just say the words “web show” and already you’re like “I guess I can get back to work,” right? I wish web shows had to go before a board, and the board was made of Larry David, Louis C.K., and Lena Dunham, and if none of them went “ennhhhhh” and cocked their heads like “This is what you brought to us? We have actual entertainment to go do,” then you got a certification.

    Well we don’t have that, so for now I am that board, and a Slacktory blog post is that certification, and holy Christ listen to me try to build myself up like Slacktory is some fucking Approval Matrix.

    Watch this video if you understand what truly high praise it is to say “this didn’t make me cringe on behalf of its creator, at all.”

    Watch episode 1 of ‘I Miss Drugs’. »

  10. Ze Frank in Chase That Happy

    Games Ze Frank Plays

    Ze Frank’s “a show” has gotten consistently better since its already strong launch. He jumps off user comments into themed explorations of fun, creativity and motivation. In this episode, “Chase That Happy”, he shares some of his “happy games”:

    • Happy typing
    • Sad sad happy tube
    • The nostril game
    • The bullshit tour
    • High-fiving the universe
    • Bored aristocrats

    Watch the episode and play all the games! »

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