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  1. If Sims were self-aware

    If your Sims had to speak English, what would they say? Things like “I’m just living off the money everyone gets when they start existing.” Listen to Mortimer Goth and Bob Newbie reignite a friendship—and then ignite each other.

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  2. Unbelievable Steam sale deals

    You’ve definitely never heard of these video games before.

    Written by Nick Douglas and Henry Birdseye.

  3. cowboys play pong - video games in movies

    Video games in movies: The twenty-minute montage

    A twenty-minute montage of video games and arcades in film, by Travis Greenwood and Brett Roberts.

  4. Nick-Douglas-backseat-gamer

    Backseat gamer

    I see video games as a spectator sport.

    Starring Nick Douglas and Tom Leveritt. Written by Nick, directed by Tom.

  5. Angry Birds game physics

    New favorite subreddit: /r/GamePhysics

    I’m not a gamer. My favorite game growing up was Kid Icarus. But I am a connoisseur of absurdist humor, and that’s why I love /r/gamephysics.

    The subreddit bills itself as “a subreddit for game physics at its best and worst. This means games with up and coming physics tech and games that are glitching out in hilarious ways.” Boy oh boy do they deliver. People can submit either GIFs or short video clips, and here I have gathered a selection of my favorite GIFs, mainly because these are dramatically enhanced by the automatic loop.

    Let’s begin with one of my favorites, submitted by Booona, in which a propane tank explosion is triggered by a cup of coffee:

    Coffe Explosion

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  6. Grand Theft Auto V trailer review

    New GTA V trailer: Video games are art, that argument is done now

    People seem to be skipping straight to the pure art, and yet nobody’s made the Caddyshack in games yet, right? So I’m like, woah woah woah, let’s put on the brakes – let’s make Caddyshack, and then we can make Anna Karenina or whatever.

    — Erik Wolpaw, Portal series writer, on video games as art or as comedy

    Grand Theft Auto V is, until I find a better comparison, the Beverly Hills Cop of video games.

    Compare the two trailers. »

  7. Faming Simulator Mad Skill - zero fucks given

    This is everything: The intense gaming video “Farming Simulator Mad Skill”

    This video is the reward you get after your ten thousandth hour spent on memes and video games. If “no-scope cornshot” sounds to you like it could be a joke, even if you don’t know what that joke is, then I am about to make you climax.

    The only superior accomplishment would be an Anamanaguchi-soundtracked Zynga killshot cumpilation.

    Watch this million-view machinima masterpiece. »

  8. World of Vipville

    World of Vipville: Changelog for a Nonexistent Video Game

    World of Vipville only lasted for 29 tweets from late July to early August. This Twitter account tracked changes for an intriguing but fake urban-themed massively multiplayer video game, defining angles of this massive nonexistant world in a Borges-like work of marginalia fiction.

    The updates are too interesting to be real, but there are several red herrings thrown in, like a bland privacy update every so often. I had to check several times to assure myself it was all fake.

    Here are a couple of the best tweets. See them all on Twitter.

    See six more of the best World of Vipville tweets. »

  9. Caine's Arcade spaceship

    We Still Need an Unbiased Review of the Much-Hyped “Caine’s Arcade”

    Yes it’s very fun that Caine Monroy’s arcade has inspired kids all over the world and that we can all celebrate the fun of children’s imaginations. I’m very touched by “Caine’s Arcade” and the new followup video below.

    But before I fly all the way to L.A. to play in this thing, will someone give me a straight-up, no-bullshit answer: Is this arcade actually shitty?

    Look, if we’re all just pretending the arcade works and giving him points for trying, I’m OK with that! I won’t tell him! I’ll keep “liking” these videos on Facebook and adding a caption about how my faith in humanity is restored. Maybe I’ll still swing by next time I’m in L.A. But I just don’t want to get my hopes up, you know?

    Look, I’m sure the kid’s great. I just want an objective assessment of the games, vs. other market options. »

  10. Fake Science 101 - Taxonomy banner

    Fake Science: Five Forgotten Educational Videogames

    Who doesn’t remember playing in the computer lab in elementary school (besides people over 40)? We learned that almost anything could look like learning. When writing and researching the new textbook Fake Science 101, author Phil Edwards uncovered a treasure trove of attempts to make learning fun, and his finds include these classic computer-room games. Though they didn’t all make it into the textbook, they did make it into this list.

    1. Taxonomy: Classifying species has never been fun, and though this game didn’t change that, it did add sound effects and a few buttons. Students who reached the final level got a chance to place themselves in the genus for loneliness.

    See the four other educational videogames you played between Reader Rabbit and Kid Pix. »

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