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  1. Social media is beer, not heroin

    A response to people who demonize Facebook and Twitter addiction.

    Original Zen Pencils comic

  2. Inane responses to celebrity tweets

    Celebrities: they’re just like us, but with SO many more Twitter followers. Maybe that’s why regular people feel comfortable tweeting starstruck nonsense at the world’s most influential social media users. I assume—or I hope—they figure it’s just going to fly under the radar of the rich and famous, and no one will ever notice that they communicated some embarrassingly dopey sputterings to their favorite famous person.

    Nothing flies under our bottom-feeding radar, though, so here’s some tweets that answered celebrity blather with even less impressive online repartee:

    Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 10.17.38 PM

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  3. parodyaccount_header

    The best parody Twitter accounts of next year

    It is safe to say that topical Twitter parody accounts are literally the funniest and most epic thing in the entire “cyber-verse.” Remember all those Big Bird jokes from a couple months back? Trite, unoriginal garbage, right? Okay, now hold on a second. What if the person telling those jokes—was pretending to be Big Bird? I’ll give you some time to process that.

    These days, it seems like every major news story has an accompanying topical parody account. Kate Middleton is pregnant? Parody account. Kanye West wears a skirt? Parody account. A natural disaster devastates the Eastern seaboard? Parody account.

    If 2012 was “The Year of the Meme” (a phrase I am working to trademark) then 2013 is shaping up to be “The Year of the Topical Parody Account” (again, working to trademark). Here are my predictions for the Twelve Funniest Topical Parody Accounts of 2013:

    January: A cat using a fire extinguisher goes viral. Parody accounts pop up for the cat, and for the fire extinguisher. »

  4. horse_ebooks avatar cartoon

    Is the creator of @Horse_ebooks playing us for fools?

    Has @Horse_ebooks become self-aware? And has it started self-promoting?

    Some background: It is thought that @Horse_ebooks, the funny Twitter robot that chops and screws snippets of text from ebooks and marketing pitches, then regurgitates them into surreal found poetry on Twitter, is entirely automated, and that its aleatory tweets are the happy by-product of a misguided and nonsensical attempt to market ebooks.

    horse_ebooks recent tweets

    But there are signs of human intervention, signs that become more complicated now that @horse_ebooks is aware of its fanbase. »

  5. HireKevin Applebee's Restaurant with Kevin Matuszak

    #HireKevin: Man tries to become Applebee’s spokesman over Facebook and Twitter

    Facebook is topping all our news feeds with obnoxious brand posts, while hiding updates from pages we actually liked. Clicking to hide the post leaves me feeling impotent. My colleague Henry likes to leave stupid comments on these promoted posts, punishing the brands for so desperately chasing his likes.

    It looks like Kevin Matuszak is doing that, but on a grand scale. He’s begging Applebee’s to hire him, in a Facebook comment thread that’s gotten 182 comments and 265 likes. And whoever runs the Applebee’s Facebook page has been responding every now and then, checking on his progress — and then helping him along. They’re trying to turn it into a publicity stunt. A very silly, stupid, actually-fun publicity stunt.

    On Monday, Kevin wrote on the Applebee’s Facebook timeline: “hi, can I work for you?” They replied, “Check if your local Applebee’s is hiring!”

    But Kevin said he wanted a job at corporate. And he kept bugging them. With updates like these:

    See Kevin’s insane campaign to become the public face of Applebee’s. »

  6. IDF Twitter Black Friday

    @IDFSpokesperson: A Social Media Success Story

    Always conscious of public opinion, during the recent war in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) simultaneously waged a PR offensive across multiple social networks. On Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, the IDF has posted sharable photos and slick infographics aimed at justifying their military action. One member of the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit has even shared a meme extolling the power of Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome missile defense system.

    The IDF’s official Twitter account @IDFSpokesperson has been especially deft at navigating social media. The size of its online influence dwarfs that of Hamas, whose military wing has similarly used Twitter to posture online. In addition to livetweeting Operation Pillar of Cloud from start to finish, @IDFSpokesperson has deployed hashtags, trending topics, favorites, and other site-specific features to make its case. In one instance, the account piggybacked off the hashtag for the new Call of Duty game, trying to garner support from the teens who are a vital ally to the state of Israel:

    In another instance, @IDFSpokesperson reached out to James Bond himself, using the #Skyfall hashtag to pitch a listicle about their military gadgets:

    But the IDF has gotten very weird on Twitter. »

  7. Windows 8 Mad Libs

    WPWordFlow reveals Microsoft’s opinion of its users

    Yo momma is the largest city in America. Batman and I don’t understand each other. Guess what I’m wearing shorts lol jk. These are a few of the texts Microsoft thinks you want to send to other human beings.

    WPWordFlow is a relatively new Twitter account that explores the predictive text feature on Windows Phone 8. According to the profile, “Every word except the first one is added sequentially using Windows Phone 8’s suggested words bar.”

    Some of them make total sense:

    With others, you can’t help but sense a bit of the stereotypical Microsoft nerd seep in:

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  8. My Dinner With Andre Google Images

    #LessInterestingMovies: A Twitter game

    Last night (and into this morning), Twitter people were playing #LessInterestingMovies. I feel like we’ve played this hashtag game many times before. Which makes it less interesting and thus PERFECTLY SELF-REFERENTIAL.

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  9. LastLinesFromGreatBooks - the monster at the end of this book

    #Last Lines From Great Books: A Twitter game

    Yesterday, Twitter users listed fake last lines from famous books.

    I’m not sure whether this tag started as something sincere; after a while there were plenty of people quoting the actual ends of all the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. But there were also all these good jokes:

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  10. vrunt avatar

    Follow Friday: @vrunt

    Vrunt is highly imaginative. That’s pretty much all I know about him. Seems like that sums him up as a person, yep.

    See more of vrunt’s best tweets. »

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