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  1. FakeCivilWar avatar

    Follow Friday: @FakeCivilWar

    This Civil-War-based-jokes account (yes!) is run by comedian Gene O’Neill (@YouGeneOneill) and Brian Lane.

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  2. zombie comedian

    Twitter game: #SpookyStandups

    It’s Halloween versions of standup comedians! Irish_Dinosaur started the game this morning:

    And then there were hella more.

    See them all, IF YOU DARE MWAHAHA, SPOOKY! »

  3. Fake Louie Episodes Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: @FakeLouieEps

    Fake Louie Episodes is formulaic, sure, but cute. Nicely parodies the mixture of sentimentality, backhanded self-celebration, and bathos that somehow combine to make Louie a masterpiece.

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  4. Weird Twitter map header

    “Weird Twitter” explained

    This is a response to a recent blowup over a grad student discovering and examining a group of Twitter users.

    The mere existence of this post will piss someone off. I think. Maybe they’re just joking. Whatevs.

    What is Weird Twitter?

    “Weird Twitter” is, simply, a loose group of Twitter users who write in a less-accessible form, using sloppy punctuation/spelling/capitalization, poetic experimentation with sentence format, first-person throwaway characters, and other techniques little known to the vast majority of “serious” Twitter users.

    These users are sometimes hard to distinguish from “low-quality” users like teens with textspeak or actual bots. Several of them regularly retweet, quote, or riff on @horse_ebooks tweets.

    Their tweets lean toward comedy, but maybe I just think that because that’s the part I like most. There could be some big crossover with Homestuck fanfic and I wouldn’t know. What gets me is that these users are actually innovating in the form of Twitter, rather than squeezing earlier forms into it. Their jokes seem, in some way that’s embarrassing to define (more on that later), written-for-Twitter in a way that, say, a Paula Poundstone tweet does not — in a way even a Rob Delaney tweet does not, though Delaney is a fan of several Weird Twitter users.

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  5. dumbum

    What every one letter Twitter handle is up to lately

    @a - Andrei Zmievski -

    @b – Brian Griffing -

    @c – Coley Cheng -

    Continue the alphabet. »

  6. Mallelis Twitter avatar art

    Follow Friday: @Mallelis

    Mallory Ortberg (@mallelis) has contributed to Slacktory. She’s more often on the Hairpin, writing texts from literary characters. She’s a Twitter poet.

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  7. World of Vipville

    World of Vipville: Changelog for a Nonexistent Video Game

    World of Vipville only lasted for 29 tweets from late July to early August. This Twitter account tracked changes for an intriguing but fake urban-themed massively multiplayer video game, defining angles of this massive nonexistant world in a Borges-like work of marginalia fiction.

    The updates are too interesting to be real, but there are several red herrings thrown in, like a bland privacy update every so often. I had to check several times to assure myself it was all fake.

    Here are a couple of the best tweets. See them all on Twitter.

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  8. lawblob twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: Lawblob

    Lawblob is a little less WTF-ey than most of our Follow Friday picks, but he’s impossible to name without typing “Lawblog” first.

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  9. Applebee's Twin Towers memorial
  10. Jitka Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: @jitka

    Jitka is part of the Twitter comedo-poetry clan we talked about yesterday. Themes include classic pop music and celebrity names. This person has tweeted nearly 82 thousand times. Jesus. Thank god for Favstar.

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