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  1. Coming soon

    8 Funniest Uses of Tumblr’s New Highlighted Posts Feature

    Tumblr just unveiled their new highlighted posts feature. Basically you pay a dollar to put a little flag next to your post in every one of your followers’ Tumblr feed. The feature’s been out for less than 3 hours now, and people are already doing some clever stuff with it.

    Here’s the best from our dashboard. »

  2. Teenagers Have the Craziest Tumblr Usernames

    A few months ago, I posted to my personal Tumblr a disturbing video of a person in a Minnie Mouse costume. I added commentary, the post got added to the featured #LOL posts, and it got popular. Which was, it turned out, bittersweet.

    See, when you use Tumblr, you get a feed of every time someone liked or reblogged one of your posts. For a good two weeks, that post was getting reblogged by the greater Tumblr community. And you know who comprises that greater Tumblr community? Teenagers.

    If you’re over 25, it’s easy to forget that teenagers are all over Tumblr. Teenagers (and I’m totally generalizing unfairly here) use templates that make their blogs look like a big wall of photos (fuck you, caption text!), or they set eye-melting animated-fucking-GIFs as their backgrounds, or they write their bios in the format of “[First name], [age], [synonym for crazy], [some kind of emoticon].” We get it. You’re crazy and you’re on the internet. This is your MySpace, post-MySpace. Have a blast.

    The thing is, these teenagers have the craziest usernames. They’re the type of usernames you’d create if you never wanted to share your blog with your parents. Usernames boring-ass adults like myself could never use, because I’d have to say them out loud to my friends and coworkers.

    And these usernames flooded my Tumblr feed as hundreds of people shared that video post. “So-and-so liked your post”, “other-person reblogged your post”. For around two weeks, every time I logged into Tumblr I saw a couple dozen new, crazy usernames from teenagers who don’t give a fuck. I started listing my favorite ridiculous usernames (and in some cases, times when one crazy username reblogged another) in a text file.

    Here is the list. »

  3. Robot schlong

    Tumblr Tag Trend: Robots With Boners

    Tumblr’s still like a cool guy that won’t bitch about watching romantic comedies with you [straight guys: substitute "girl" and "playing video games". Demographic humor]. A comedian says there should be more posts tagged “robots with boners” so Tumblr’s editorial director reblogs it and by the next morning there are lots of robots with boners (NSFW duh).

  4. Guy with fries

    Guys With Fries

    We’re proud to see our iPhone self-portrait Photoshops inspire a spinoff Tumblr: Guys With Fries (a little NSFW) shows dudes showin’ off their bodies while holding a box of French fries.

    Via: Justin Wang

  5. Ryan Gosling leading

    The Best Ryan Gosling Memes From Gosblr, the Ryan Gosling Tumblr Tumblr

    Ryan Gosling blogs mostly follow the format of the original, three-year-old Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling: “Hey girl, blah blah blah.” There are so many of them that there’s a blog just dedicated to finding and cataloging them, run by the Daily Dot.

    The first spinoff, Feminist Ryan Gosling, came out this October.

    And now there’s… »

  6. this post will be huge

    12 Harsh Truths About the Internet

    Life is pain, princess. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trolling for pageviews.

    See the 12 hard truths, starting with the horror of YouTube cats. »

  7. Nazi Germany

    Unspirationals 2: More Beautiful Photos Captioned With Hard Truths

    Life is hard, and it’s been hard for nearly everyone. Except for a few people you don’t like.

    Why do people use brilliant photos to hide reality with hopeful sayings? We’ve replaced those lies with truths before, now we’re doing it again.

    Come get your mind blown. »

  8. when life gets tough

    Unspirationals: Beautiful Photos Captioned With Hard Truths

    Reality is harsh, and schmaltzy Tumblr pictures try to hide reality from you. It is time to counteract that.

    I took the prettiest pictures I could find, and stamped them with hard truths.

    Get your tissues. »

  9. slcktry-tumblr-parody

    Why Not Follow Our Fine Slacktory Tumblr and Other Slacktory Accessories?

    If you’re enjoying Slacktory, remember to follow our Tumblr so you can keep tabs on the best stories — and see some stuff we don’t publish on the main site.

    And of course you can subscribe to the main Slacktory RSS feed or follow our Facebook or Twitter.

  10. chatlr

    There’s a Chat Room for Tumblr Users Now

    Chatlr: Great spot to pick up teenage girls by copying old Reddit memes or putting a Feist lyric in Myriad Pro on a picture of a sunset.

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