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  1. Remember 1994

    The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Ace of Base, Donkey Kong Country, and more 1994 pop culture.

  2. Jurassic Park banner

    Alternate Endings to Famous Film Scenes

    In life our dialogue never goes exactly like we planned. But in the movies cool characters get to say cool things all the time. Here are ten movies that would have had totally different outcomes if the dialogue was more like real life.

    The Lion King

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  3. Girl holding cat

    Lion King-ing: Holding Your Pet Up Like Simba

    Web humor site Pleated-Jeans has been turning out some great videos: The TV reference loop, and this new meme of holding your pet up the way Rafiki holds up Simba at the start of The Lion King. Jeff says Good Morning America might feature the video soon. Watch for the pay-offs at 1:39 and and 1:57.

    Watch the video. »

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