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  1. Texts from Mitt Romney - Game of Thrones

    Texts From Mitt Romney 2: Election day edition

    Everyone loved my texts from Mitt Romney in September, but no one told me how to make him stop. Even when I had no cell signal after the hurricane, Mitt somehow kept reaching me. Here they are. I really hope he doesn’t get elected, or he’ll keep talking to me.

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    HeTexted is a website that crowdsources the meaning of your text messages

    Modern day advice columnists beware, there’s a new Dear Abby in town. Well, more like @DearAbby and she’s more like “virtually in town” and there’s like 500 of her–all chomping at the virtual bit to dissect your text messages. Same idea, though!

    Text messages: officially the world’s worst form of communication (Morse Code was more direct!) that have taken over our day-to-day interactions. Even Twitter can afford you more privacy, so arguably, texts have become the phone call’s cooler, more sexy younger sister. This isn’t a good thing.

    Now, a new website that goes by the name HeTexted (Wait, don’t women also send confusing text messages, or are we just more “likely” to read into them?) has popped up, crowdsourcing the vaguest of communications into three distilled answers: “He’s Into You”, “He’s Not Into You”, and “The Verdict Is Still Out”.

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  3. Texts from Mitt Romney header

    Texts From Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney won’t stop texting me.

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  4. Texts From Last Night old cellphone

    Matt Jurns Reads a Blog: Texts From Last Night

    Matt Jurns studied library science at Kent State University. We made him read blogs for the first time. Friday, Matt read Jezebel. Today he reads Texts From Last Night.

    There seem to be only two types of cell phone. The first, owned by most people, are smart phones and have the benefit of being able to do everything.

    The second, owned mainly by me and conspiracy theorists, are of a design last seen in an episode of Friends; and their main benefit is that they can be thrown into the river after you’ve made a call, in case the Man is after you. As such, I don’t do much texting.

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  5. Bong-hit

    Texts From Bennis

    There’s been a lot of “text message humor” floating around the Internet over the last week. Damn You Autocorrect and Texts From Bennett have helped start a new era in “shit your mom finds really funny.”

    Some people are suspicious of these sites because it’d be pretty fucking easy to just come up with some fake ones and pretend they were actual text messages and most people would probably believe it. (Especially your mom.)

    Me, I’m not quite so cynical – partly because I can relate to the “Texts from Bennett” guy. I also have a white trash cousin with whom I converse regularly over text message. Since these kinda sites are getting big, I figured I might as well share my cousin’s texts with the internet.

    For the record, as with those sites, these are 100% real. One hundred percent.

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