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    15 Classic Video Games Make Pop Culture Jokes

    Inspired by Caveman Circus’s “video game logic”, we found 15 classic games that embody memes, song lyrics, and other famous pop culture quotes. And we still avoided doing a “Somebody That I Used to Know” parody.

    See video games sharing cultural catchphrases. »

  2. Unwinnable Tetris

    Best Tetris Ever? Best Tetris Ever.

    Unwinnable Tetris is some concept deeply ingrained in our psychology, like the Hero’s Journey or the good feeling deflowering a fresh jar of peanut butter. There’s this playable version of Tetris Hell inspired by xkcd; the cartoon of the Contra guy losing at Tetris; and Bastard Tetris, which tries to give you the worst possible piece each time.

    And here’s this five-year-old clip of a Japanese comedy sketch about an impossible Tetris knock-off.

    Watch! And don’t read the unnecessary captions. »

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