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  1. secret cabal

    What if the Latest Twitter Bug is Really Just Some Tech Writer’s Elaborate Way of Unfollowing People He Doesn’t Like?

    Tech blogs are reporting that a new Twitter bug has emerged, and it’s an ugly one: You might be randomly unfollowing people you never intended to unfollow. Casual acquaintances, celebrities, loved ones; you could be unknowingly insulting them by unfollowing them, and you wouldn’t even know it. At least that’s what tech blogs are reporting.

    But what if that’s not the case?

    A shocking conspiracy is possibly afoot! »

  2. What your cigar grip says about you

    What Your Favorite Blog Says About You

    Gawker: You tell your friends jokes about their ethnicities and sexual orientations. They grin and say “Bitch!” and pretend to smack you.

    Huffington Post: Most of your pleasures are guilty pleasures.

    Daily Kos: You own a “Disappearing Civil Liberties” mug.

    Laughing SquidYou own an unconventional bicycle.

    BuzzFeed: Your giggle is too high-pitched.

    Gizmodo: You correct people in conversations that you overhear in public.

    Lifehacker: You know where your pens are.

    Read more. Then tell me your favorite blog so I can tease you about it. »

  3. Leonidas, Hitler, Peter Griffin

    How Everyone at AOL Sees Each Other

    So TechCrunch is leaving AOL! Or its founder Michael Arrington is leaving! Or the Huffington Post is selling it to Reddit and the New York Times UGH I DON’T KNOW.

    To help you understand this whole situation without having to read, we made a chart of how everyone at AOL, the Huffington Post and TechCrunch sees each other.

    tl;dr: Everyone is a dick. »

  4. Michael Arrington gives the finger

    Mike Arrington: I’m Quitting All Human Language

    We’ve intercepted a post scheduled for tomorrow on tech news blog TechCrunch. Editor Michael Arrington writes:

    It started as an idea. Well, a monologue to my date, really. It was said in half-jest after a few drinks. Then she seemed really uninterested so I said it in less jest.

    Inspired by TechCrunch writer Robin Wauters’s “I’m Quitting Phone Calls” and MG Siegler’s “I’m Quitting Email”, I’ve decided to quit speaking, writing, reading or otherwise engaging in human language for one month.

    I was going to save this for my personal blog, but hey, when have I ever done that? »

  5. techcrunch banner

    Oh No, Someone Redesigned Their Website!

    There was this site! And you loved them! And you thought they were pretty! And then some bad men came and they gave the site a makeover!

    And you whined and whined, but you looked stupider than usual, because this site was actually pretty funny about its redesign. They even wrote a form letter to help you complain.

    And that even impressed some people who really really don’t like that site!

  6. TechCrunch writer MG Siegler quits email for a month — "Hey buddy, how much to make you quit blogging too?"

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