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  1. Steve Roggenbuck on dog spirituality

    Steve Roggenbuck: Dogs are the most YOLO animal

    YouTube poet Steve Roggenbuck is Slacktory’s power animal, and dogs are his power animal, so dogs are Slacktory’s grandpa.

    Watch Steve’s one-minute lecture on dog spirituality. »

  2. Angry metal band you'll yell at me for not knowing

    We Haven’t Posted a Steve Roggenbuck Video in Five Days, What the Hell

    FIXED. In this video, Steve describes the five factors of metal subgenres. One is Harry Potter.

    Stay at the end for a METAL MASHUP, YES.

    Watch Steve shout. »

  3. Steve Roggenbuck holds a can of peaches

    “LEVEL UP! LEVEL UP!” Steve Roggenbuck Wants Will Smith’s Chakras

    See, this video from Slacktory’s new favorite vlogger Steve Roggenbuck makes me wonder if he really meant anything in “Make Something Beautiful”. Cause this one’s just ridiculous, though it has that same motivational tone.

    Watch Steve Roggenbuck, internet artist of the age. »

  4. Steve Roggenbuck talks Queen Latifah


    Another nearly-unseen video from hypervlogger Steve Roggenbuck, whom we introduced yesterday with his motivational video. This time he shouts non sequiturs like “I like my doctors medical, and I like ‘em young.”

    Let’s shut down Twitter and all make videos like this instead.

    Watch Steve Roggenbuck say many funny things. »

  5. Steve Roggenbuck is excited

    This Is Everything: Make Something Beautiful Before You Die

    Steve Roggenbuck has a legitimately wake-the-hell-up, drink-some-coffee-we’re-gonna-win-today motivational message. And it’s made of lines like “Get me in control of ABC Family, and I will fuck this country up!”

    This is brilliantly self-effacing but not self-deflating motivation for the cynical and overly-aware. This shit will break through your crusts and you’ll blast some music and you’ll kick various asses. Watch it every morning.

    Watch Steve wake you up and get you excited. »

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