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  1. Star Wars movie trailer: Blooper edition

    A vintage Star Wars ad with all the footage replaced by bloopers. Yeah, I’d watch two hours of that.

    Watch the original, newly revealed blooper reel.

  2. Luke Skywalker as The Graduate

    Star Wars: The Graduate

    Luke Skywalker is out of Jedi Academy and wondering what to do with his life.

  3. T-rex and Han Solo

    Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park

    Welcome… to JurAT-AT Park.

  4. 8 directors remake Star Wars

    So Zack Snyder was, and then wasn’t, making a Seven Samurai ripoff within the Star Wars universe for Disney. He’s got a very distinctive style, so everyone had the potential movie appear fully formed in their mind’s eye as soon as they heard the news.

    Yoda Sparta

    And since Disney’s planning to do a bunch of Star Wars universe movies beyond the new trilogy, we’ve got a lot more auteur Jedi epics to imagine. So here’s what will come to mind if any critically acclaimed directors get a rumored chance to build on George Lucas’s legacy.

    First up: Woody Allen’s ‘To Tatooine With Love’ »

  5. Star Wars Jabba the Hut and Han Solo

    “Star Wars: Special Edition” Needed More CGI

    The 90s Guy is a column by a guy from the 1990s.

    So I just watched the “Special Edition” of the first Star Wars movie and I think it was really cool, but it could have used more CGI.

    I mean, come on George Lucas! Don’t skimp out on the good stuff! When I saw Jabba the Hutt all slithering around instead of being an immovable fat blob, I was like THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

    But then like, the rest of the movie was just old Star Wars.

    Like when you saw R2-D2, it was still just some midget crammed inside a costume and it’s like, ugh, that’s gross that you did that to someone. Can’t you CGI in a better character? One that can like fly around with rockets and shoot lasers and not be limited by the antiquated movie technology of the 1970s?

    It’s like, I’m paying to see this movie AGAIN, the least you could do is change 90% of it through CGI to give me a completely new experience.

    There’s more I want to see. »

  6. Woody Allen in Twilight

    Aaron Sorkin’s Star Wars and Woody Allen’s Twilight

    The recently popular sketch “If Aaron Sorkin Had Written Twilight” is decent! Not great, but decent. Instead, watch the same two girls’ Sorkinization of a scene from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and their Woody Allen version of Twilight.

    See how Padmé and Anakin should have talked. »

  7. Data Points: Boba Fett Sucks, Christians Are Weird

    • Hipster Runoff shreds an “Alt Christian” Kickstarter vacation-tour by using its own words. [Hipster Runoff]
    • “No, I don’t want to go to the show.” A monologue by Jimmy Chen. [Thought Catalog]
    • “JANE I BOUGHT YOU A DRESS MADE OF TEN THOUSAND PEARLS AS A BRIDAL PRESENT” — Texts From Jane Eyre, by Mallory Ortberg, who writes here too sometimes. [The Hairpin]
    • Boba Fett sucks at his job. A video. [Cracked]
    • Aw cute, Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera found some sad Etsy animals today too! Twinsies! [Buzzfeed]
  8. Han Solo is shocked

    “Incestual Realization of Han Solo”

    Just an edited one-minute clip of Star Wars with the perfect cinematic title.

    Watch the twisting of Han Solo’s soul. »

  9. PLACE? Space WHEN? Then BOTS? Lots WHO? Leia Luke 3PO & R2. &? Han & Obiwan. WARS? Star. VS? Vader. END? Nada. WHY? SAGA

    @Matt_Kinson, runner-up in the New Yorker‘s “summarize Star Wars in a tweet” contest

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