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  1. Star Trek blooper trailer

    Slacktory’s fourth Derp Edition movie trailer goes where no man has oh god are we doing this bit? Do they even use that tagline any more?

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  2. Star Trek Into Taxes
  3. Star Trek the Animated Series - wat

    The Best Worst Clip From “Star Trek: The Animated Series”

    I just learned that there was a cartoon version of Star Trek, and that it was terrible. Star Trek: The Animated Series came out in 1973, a few years after the original series.

    It starred most of the original cast, except Walter Koenig’s Chekhov — because, according to the series’ hilarious Wikipedia page, the producers couldn’t afford the whole cast. So, you know, they kept all but one guy. Then Chekhov was replaced with two other characters.

    This is the sort of logic that guides the series. Here, lemme show you with a clip.

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  4. Siri bangs Worf

    Nick and Siri: Siri Writes a Novel

    I discovered Siri’s secret project, and it’s gross.

    See what she’s been working on. »

  5. worf_gets_denied_title_image

    15-minute Video of Worf Getting Repeatedly Shut Down on Star Trek: TNG

    I don’t know much about Star Trek characters. I know that Shatner had sex with a lot of alien hotties, and that the guy from Reading Rainbow wore a robotic headband over his eyes so he could see. Captain Picard is the bald one. Up until now, I had no idea that Worf, the Klingon guy with the ridges on his forehead from Star Trek: The Next Generation, got so universally shit on.

    What follows is a video in which Worf gets shut down, rejected, and insulted for 15 minutes. People ignore his advice, question his authority, and all-around treat him like a buffoon. He’s Parks and Recreation‘s Jerry character, only he’s scary looking and everyone’s on a spaceship. I promise you, no previous Star Trek knowledge is required to appreciate this video of one character getting casually dismissed for 15 minutes.

    Watch it now. »

  6. The Office Garden Party

    Memecapping #2: Louie, Parks and Rec, Raising Hope

    Memecapping! It’s TV recap memes, made from screenshots of this week’s popular TV shows captioned with lines from other TV shows! This week we cover Castle, Community, Fringe, Happy Endings, Louie, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Saturday Night Live, The Office and Warehouse 13.

    There’s a reference to Freaks & Geeks in here, and a Star Trek: Voyager line, and you’ll have to guess the rest.

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  7. Catan cupcakes

    I Only Know the Super Bowl, Star Wars and Settlers of Catan Through Cupcakes

    For the past six-plus years, I’ve been blogging about cupcakes at Cupcakes Take the Cake. We’ve posted over 12,000 times about this much-loved (and hated) dessert. One of the coolest things about living in cupcake land is that I’ve found cupcakes to be an entrée into worlds I know little to nothing about. There are all sorts of subcultures that I know only through cupcakes:

    Inside: Loads of cupcakes doing things cupcakes don’t normally do. »

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