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  1. I’m Not a Hacker: The Short Film

    I knew Tom Oatmeal’s Slacktory story “I’m Not a Hacker” was genius. Director Andrew Stegmeyer agreed—and added his own genius. After playing in three festivals, here for the first time online, is “I’m Not a Hacker”—the short film.

  2. sniffing receptionist hair

    “Interview” by Once a Week Film Fest

    Here’s a short film about a job interview that uses two schticks at once. The Once a Week Film Fest sent this to us on YouTube. Other comedy-video makers, you should send us your videos too.

    Watch ‘Interview’. »

  3. man jerks off in tub

    TUB: A Short Film About a Man Who Impregnates His Bathtub

    “TUB” is an award-winning short film that premiered at Sundance 2010. Don’t watch it while eating.

    Watch ‘TUB’. »

  4. Blinky the robot

    Blinky: A Short Film About a Friendly Robot

    “Blinky” answers the scientific question, “What if A.I. and I, Robot didn’t suck and were also a Matrix prequel?”

    Watch the 12-minute short film. »

  5. Girder

    Girder: A Short Film About Those “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” Guys

    “Course he’s depressed. We’re all depressed. It’s a Depression!”

    Girder, a short comedic film (which I assisted on), is about the guys having lunch on top of the under-construction Rockefeller Center. It’s also about sex.

    Not that that’s why you’re clicking through to watch it. »

  6. Ana Chia

    Aww, The Little Kids in This Short Film “Ana Chia” Are So Cute

    Usually short films about kids suck, and usually they’re about boys winning over girls. “Ana Chia” is the opposite. It’s like a commercial for childhood.

    Watch it, it’s not even two minutes long. »

  7. Bowling ball crushing egg

    The Only Five Videos on Vimeo

    You know how any kind of video could show up on YouTube, but it’s usually either a cat doing a trick, a music video, or someone telling opinions to their webcam?

    Well any kind of video can show up on YouTube’s smaller competitor Vimeo. But it’s usually one of these five things. (And it’s often NSFW.)

    You can already guess. Now check your answers. »

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