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  1. Tough Love: The Goddesses

    Tough Love episode 3 is out! Steven gets stressed out by his meditation teacher, and Blaire wonders if she’s gay.

    This was the first episode we shot, and it was fun. On day 1 of shooting, Emily Fletcher kindly let us use her meditation studio and played a high-strung, evil version of herself.

    Tough Love, a comedy series about two roommates afraid of New York City and of their own sex lives, has been compared to “Broad City” by The Daily Dot.

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  2. Anthropologie Girls Pictures

    Anthropologie Girls

    Models from the Anthropologie catalog share secrets in the newest episode of “Pictures: The Webseries.”

  3. Stories behind 30 stock photos of unhappy couples in bed

    Unhappy couple in bed 38

    “How did she see my tattoo? I covered it with two tank tops!”

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  4. Nick Douglas gives pickup artist tips

    Nick’s tips for gettin’ laid

    If these tips can’t get you laid, then any other tips probably still can.

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  5. SkyMall friends

    SkyMall Friends

    What if the people in the SkyMall catalog hung out?

    See more catalog videos by Meghan O’Neill.

  6. Famous fedoras of OkCupid

    I’m sick of getting messaged by all these fedora dweebs on OkCupid. Here are some of the worst losers who’ve messaged me.

    Fedora dweebs Gene Kelly

    Wow, didn’t think you were gonna molest me but now I do.

    His interests include “supposing toeses are roses” and “singing in the rain.” Jesus Christ, Jazz Hands, get a new manic pixie dreamschtick.

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  7. OPRAH interviews an asexual man

    Welcome our newest cartoonist, Sara Lautman.

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    Oprah interviews an asexual man

  8. woman screams into phone
  9. spam-email-good-man

    The weirdest spam email wants love and commitment, not boners

    If there’s one thing we all know about spam emails, it’s this: Spam robots want to talk about your wiener. They want to sell pills for your wiener, or they want to touch your wiener and you should really click through to their profile; they’re just so lonely and a good wiener touch is all they want.

    For over a decade, spam emails have focused on sex and hookups and porn and V 1 A G R A, all in an attempt to speak to your most basic carnal desires. That’s all I thought they ever did.

    At least I thought that up until yesterday, when I finally got a mature spam email.

    Check out how unhorny this spam robot sounded. »

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