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  1. scumbag-steve-music-video

    Check Out Scumbag Steve (AKA Blake Boston)’s Rap Video, “Scumbug Steve Overture”

    Blake Boston has embraced the fact that a photo of him in a fitted Boston Red Sex cap turned into a huge meme, and now he’s embraced it with this fun video about Scumbag Steve. I say this without irony: this is a fun video and you should watch it.

    Scumbag Slacktory: Promotes a video / hides it after the jump (Seriously though, embedded YouTube videos slow page load times so we don’t throw ‘em everywhere; we do this because we love you.) »

  2. Keanu, OK Guy and High Expectations Asian Father say follow this blog

    29 Advice Meme Versions of “Follow This Blog, You’ll Love It on Your Dashboard”

    “FOLLOW THIS BLOG. You’ll love it on your dashboard.”

    If you use Tumblr long enough, you come to hate this on your dashboard. It’s the tagline of the 1000notes network, the mouth sore that follows massively reblogged posts around Tumblr.

    But from now on, you can imagine it being said by one of your favorite memes, and then maybe seeing it won’t make you want to shoot your dashboard quite as much.

    READ THIS POST. You’ll love it on your surfboard I don’t even know what joke I’m trying to make but read this post. »

  3. Blake Boston with Annoying Facebook Girl

    Scumbag Steve’s Advice for Annoying Facebook Girl

    This is really, truly, actually Blake Boston, the guy from Scumbag Steve. After many emails, I met him in person at a Slacktory-sponsored Halloween party this year. I asked him to write a letter of advice to Jess, the girl who may have just discovered she’s Annoying Facebook Girl. I lightly edited it for grammar at his request.

    Blake is wonderfully introspective about the emotions of this specifically modern situation. He’s… he’s an actual advice meme.

    Dear Annoying Facebook Girl, it’s me Blake. You may know me as Scumbag Steve. Or not, if you’re not on the internet much.

    I heard you just found out that your pics been all over the internet. Shocking huh? Google yourself, but have a friend with you for support.

    Steve’s advice: Make your peace with this, because it’s not going away. »

  4. Nick Offerman as Xzibit

    Memes, the Movie: Casting 17 Actors as Internet Memes

    What if memes were a movie, you guys? Who would play all the memes? Actors! Actors who look like the memes would play all the memes.

    Let’s see who plays whom! »

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