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  1. A Song of Ice and Fire: Entire series recapped in two minutes (SPOILERS)

    Not only do I fail to recap the series, I don’t even keep it to two minutes.

  2. Insanity Walter header

    A Breaking Bad Recap in Advice Meme Form

    Breaking Bad season five starts Sunday, so to catch everyone up, here’s a recap of last season’s major events, starring Insanity Walter, Awkward Gus, Marie Problems, and more.

    Season 4 spoilers, obvs.

    Read the story of Breaking Bad told in advice memes. »

  3. Insanity Betty

    Mad Men Season 4 Recapped in Advice Memes

    Catch up on Mad Men before the fifth season starts this Sunday. We recapped season 4 with advice memes. You know all this. It was in the headline. I’m sorry for wasting your time.

    Let’s see some Mad Men characters as advice memes! »

  4. White people look alike on Downton Abbey

    The Boyfriend’s Guide to Downton Abbey

    Chris Menning, editor of Slacktory’s brother-blog Modern Primate, released a quick guide to Season 1 of Downton Abbey — six minutes to catch you up, so you can watch the more exciting war-filled Season 2.

    I’d watch a TV channel that was just these short recaps of all the shows on all the other channels.

    Watch the guide! »

  5. Harry Potter Movies Recapped in Six Minutes

    Slate saves those of us who’ve never seen the Harry Potter films with a snappy voiced-over montage. Essential if you’re seeing the last movie blind, or listening to your girlfriend get all excited about it.

    Accio Penumbra Avadra watch the damn thing. »

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