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  1. Rick Santorum’s website uses a picture of 4chan creator Moot

    That’s him sandwiched by Santorum (heh):

    Which is really just a great set-up for this exchange on Reddit’s /r/4chan:


    Rick Santorum has b/tard’s lurking in the ranks. No wonder he didn’t get far.


    He probably saw all the “nigger” and “faggot” talk and hired them on the spot.

  2. Reverse Racism Randy header

    Reverse Racism Randy: A Slacktory Advice Meme

    Reverse Racism Randy’s schtick is pretty obvious. He wants to feel oppressed, despite playing life on Easy Mode.

    (Randy is based on a picture of Senator Jon Tester, who actually seems really decent. This meme is a response to his face alone, not his politics.)

    See how Reverse Racism Randy handles life in this new advice meme. »

  3. Teacup Asians

    Teacup Asians is a blog of Asian people, mostly girls, coming out of teacups. Like this:

    Is this, like, a phrase? If it is, Google hadn’t heard of it.

    Is this racist? Are we racist? I’m working out of a bar today and my mind feels awkward.

    Via: Bobby Finger

  4. @Alittleracist: Retweets and gets into arguments with people who tweet racist things.

    Via: /r/twitter

  5. Racist old lady

    This Old Racist Lady Just Made Me Realize How Nazis Worked

    The Nazis were so popular because even though they were racist, they looked pretty. Like, as long as all the racists are really ugly, we’re good. But when all the hot people get racist, we’re fucked, because everyone will be like “I’ll pretend to be racist so I can bang the hot racists!” and then boom, we annex the Sudetenland.

    Watch an old ugly lady be racist. »

  6. Almost Politically Correct Redneck banner

    Almost Politically Correct Redneck: A New Advice Meme

    Almost Politically Correct Redneck loves Mexicans because they’re the best dishwashers. He thinks Barack Obama is a pretty cool colored person. He’s the perfect symbol of our nation’s current awkward transition to more enlightened social mores.

    Here are the best examples of this new meme, plus a few of my own.

    See the almost-OK, then really not OK, opinions. »

  7. Horse Power Reddit logo

    The Origin of /r/Horsepower, A Reddit Community for Three Hours

    In an “Ask Reddit” thread called “Why is /r/whitepower banned, but /r/blackpower isn’t?“, a Redditor made a pun:

    And why does /r/horsepower continue to exist? I didn’t even think horses could use reddit.


    And now 106 Redditors are posting in this joke subreddit for horse-rights supporters (official logo above).

    See some of the highlights of /r/horsepower. »

  8. offline-farm

    Let’s Send All the People Who Ruin the Internet Out to a Farm

    The internet’s pretty much the best thing ever. It’s where these words live. (The words you’re reading!) But wow, some people do not understand it. Or worse: they do, and they’re jerks about it.

    Maybe these people have disguised a banner ad as a software download link (or worse: a “close this window” link), or they’ve designed a restaurant website so it auto-plays a crazy jazz song while you just try to find the restaurant menu.

    Which is why we should send them to a farm.

    Not, like, a death farm! Nothing like that. Just a nice farm out in the country where they can hang out in the sunshine and pick crops and not ruin the goddamn internet for everyone for fuck’s sake.

    Imagine this: A business man who embedded a MIDI on his corporate website back in 2009 carries a bag of corn to a barn. He passes a woman who insisted her company’s website have a Flash intro, and she’s driving a tractor and having a great time. She waves at a herd of SEO guys, and they all wave back! They’re painting a barn or doing something equally farm-y, and they’re just having a blast. Look at ‘em, wiping their sweaty foreheads with their power ties. They are super happy at this farm I invented for internet jerks.

    Listen, that’s all I had to say about this weird farm idea, but let me tell you a couple things that happened while working on the title graphic for this post… »

  9. Nate Smith Black History Month

    Nate Smith, Best Dad Ever: Black History Month

    I sat my son down and taught him the entire history of racism.

    Watch him learn! »

  10. White people with black friends

    Yo, Is This Racist?: I Totally Have White Friends

    I started a website called Yo, Is This Racist?, where (almost exclusively white) people can write in and get my extremely ill-informed opinion about whether or not something is racist. Now I’m an expert on this shit.

    Lately, racists have been really worked up about making sure people know they are friends with, and have interest in, people of color. Maybe it was watching Mitt Romney quote “Who Let the Dogs Out”. Maybe it was The Help. Maybe racists are really trying to better themselves haha no.

    Read three questions about ethnic friends. »

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