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    What our editor-in-chief is probably up to during the NYC power outage

    Slacktory’s editor-in-chief Nick lives in New York City. With Hurricane Sandy having left millions of people on the East Coast without power, we were a little worried. Fortunately, Nick let us know he’s doing fine, but that he’s currently without power and cell phone service. The important thing, however, is that he’s safe, so now we can lightly poke fun at his situation.

    Here’s what I think he might be doing to occupy his time while he’s without electricity and internet:

    • Using a battery-powered strobe light to recreate popular animated GIFs by himself in front of a mirror
    • Leaving real life YouTube comments by shouting “Fail!” out the window at his flooded neighborhood
    • Creating a “Slacktory Supercut” of the wackiest Ron Weasley moments by physically cutting and pasting together passages from actual¬†Harry Potter¬†books in his living room
    • Forcing a desperate new meme in his apartment, “Scumbag Electricity”, by taping handwritten words to a lamp. “WON’T TURN ON” / “OH GOD PLEASE TURN BACK ON”
    • Sobbing in the dark
    • Playing “Angry Batteries,” a new game in which he throws dead batteries at a pile of unusable electronics
    • Scribbling racist comments under local newspaper articles so they read just like online news
    • Reading quietly by candlelight, appreciating the peace and quiet that comes with the internet not being there to distract you every goddamn second

    title image via The Huffington Post

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