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  1. Israeli meme mocks Netanyahu’s bomb diagram

    Israeli portal Walla reports: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented an insultingly silly graph at the UN this week, not-really illustrating Iran’s imminent nuclear capability:

    And the internet did what internets do. »

  2. The Best Breastfeeding-Toddler TIME Magazine Cover Photoshops

    This is TIME‘s cover (in the U.S.) this week:

    The internet made some Photoshops. So did I.

    Let’s see ‘em! »

  3. Rapper authors
  4. Nokia 3310 abs banner

    The Indestructible Nokia 3310

    Jokes about the old indestructible Nokia 3310 cellphone are currently labeled by Know Your Meme as a “recent fad, with a lot of possibilities of becoming a meme.” We’re gonna make it a meme. This is how the internet works now.

    KYM credits 9Gag for creating the meme, which probably means someone on Reddit made it. Here are a few of the original posts.

    See those, then see Nate’s new additions. »

  5. Chair holder banner

    Mitt Romney’s Chair Holder Holds Up the World

    The guy holding up Mitt Romney’s chair in Iowa isn’t just some volunteer. He’s been at this job for a long time. HAHAHA PHOTOSHOP, BROS.

    See this guy hold up a bunch of shit. »

  6. Guy with fries

    Guys With Fries

    We’re proud to see our iPhone self-portrait Photoshops inspire a spinoff Tumblr: Guys With Fries (a little NSFW) shows dudes showin’ off their bodies while holding a box of French fries.

    Via: Justin Wang

  7. Henry the Fourth Grade Nothing banner

    Shakespeare’s Plays as Kids’ Books

    If you want to teach Shakespeare to kids, you can be a lot more creative than just taking out the violence and the iambic pentameter. These covers reimagine Shakespeare’s plays as popular children’s books.

    See what we did to Macbeth! »

  8. Jonny Etc Michelle Losh art

    The Infinite Picture Junk of Jonny Etc. and Michelle Losh

    You should see the Photoshops and designs being made by Jonny Etc. and Michelle Losh at their two sites, Panic Basket and Jonny Etc.’s Breakfast Safari.

    Especially because Slacktory is now trying to think of something to commission from these two.

    Via: Laughing Squid

  9. Steve Carell top

    11 Celebrities Turned Into Eye Monsters

    Today in “idiotic things you can do to celebrity photos”: Select them from the top down to halfway through the eyes, and mirror them vertically, creating eyeball monsters floating in space.

    Click or hover over each pic to identify the celeb.

    See all 11. »

  10. Lauren O'Nizzle self-Photoshops

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