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  1. Shutterstock awkward stock photo caption

    Awkward Stock Photo Captions

    We were going to show you some awkward stock photos, but we can’t afford the rights. Instead, here are some (real) awkward stock photo captions from Shutterstock.

    • a beautiful girl wrapped in the bathtowel
    • three happy and sensual caucasian girlfriends having drive on a red cabriolet car with bright positive expressions
    • Minority doctor set on white background
    • Happy woman in wheelchair with young woman in nature
    • Group of business people. Business team.
    • Family In Park With American Football

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  2. vertical video psa with puppets
  3. Canvas photo challenge thread

    Join This Massive Photo Challenge Thread on Canvas

    Two weeks ago, Canvas user jessejericho started a photo challenge thread: One user requests a certain kind of photo (like “take the ‘artsiest’ photo wherever you are right now, but it has to have the word ‘Terminator’ in it somewhere”), then the first person to deliver such a photo gets to make the next request.

    Starting with “Your car with all windows and doors open, and a banana on the hood,” the chain has gone on for 22 pages over two weeks. The current challenge is “dogs with clothes.”

    Now, it has to be a new photo, not something you found online. So if you’ve got a dog around, you can be a Part of History.

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  4. Freckle overload

    2/10 Would Not Bang: 4chan’s Funniest New Meme

    There’s this running joke on the internet about an acne-scarred C.H.U.D. (or Butthurt Dweller) finding fault with any and all images of women in order to alleviate the self-hatred and loneliness that goes along with being a neckbearded netizen — “I can’t find a decent woman, not because I’m just awful in every way, but because all the women in my town have such big foreheads and stubby toes. Disgusting!”

    This mindset has borne a new meme, “2/10 Would Not Bang,” in which 4chan users post images of flawless women and compete against each other to find fault in increasingly creative ways, and then dismiss them with the Comic Book Guy-channeling verdict: 2/10, Would Not Bang.

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  5. Guy at the beach

    What You See Vs. What Your Camera Sees

    This meditation on the frustrations of photography is inspired by this Reddit comic.

    What you see:

    Photo by Alyssa L. Miller on Flickr

    What your camera sees:

    Photo by Fiona Shields on Flickr

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  6. Nazi Germany

    Unspirationals 2: More Beautiful Photos Captioned With Hard Truths

    Life is hard, and it’s been hard for nearly everyone. Except for a few people you don’t like.

    Why do people use brilliant photos to hide reality with hopeful sayings? We’ve replaced those lies with truths before, now we’re doing it again.

    Come get your mind blown. »

  7. The Whitest of Whines: My Cupcake Decorator Has a Bad Attitude

    “Cupcake decorator at Cupcake Royale Who has REALLY BAD ATTITUDE Avoid her at all costs. Maybe some day she will grow up.” I was searching for a good pic of someone grumpy for an advice meme when I found this shot of a girl working at a Seattle cupcake shop.

    Some Flickr user named Chas Redmond really has a grudge against this teenager! The pic went up in 2005 but I bet if you asked Chas, he (she?) could still tell you in detail how this young woman cheesed off Chas! I bet she smacked a baby or overcharged $80 for truffle sprinkles OOPS NOPE IT WAS NONE OF THOSE THINGS.

    Find out the secret of this girl’s REALLY BAD ATTITUDE. »

  8. serious chart banner

    A.D.D. vs. A.D.H.D. Explained in One Infographic

    It’s really tough to differentiate between the two common childhood conditions of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. And a correct diagnosis is crucial for children, parents and teachers. So I’ve made a helpful chart to clarify the issue.

    Let’s see! »

  9. when life gets tough

    Unspirationals: Beautiful Photos Captioned With Hard Truths

    Reality is harsh, and schmaltzy Tumblr pictures try to hide reality from you. It is time to counteract that.

    I took the prettiest pictures I could find, and stamped them with hard truths.

    Get your tissues. »

  10. David Horvitz behind gun sign

    David Horvitz Infiltrates Wikipedia Pictures With His Body

    That is the creepiest and most accurate way to put it. For the project “Scotch Broom” for Fillip Magazine, the “new media” artist David Horvitz went around Vancouver photographing notable locations, subtly including himself (or parts of himself, like a pointing hand) in the shot. Then he added the pics to the appropriate Wikipedia pages. Some got removed, some got cropped, but some (like the above pic of a sign at the 9 O’Clock Gun, or a shot of the Japadog food cart) still show plenty of Horvitz.

    Wikipedia has official standards for how much photographers can insert themselves, or anything else irrelevant, into pictures, so Horvitz has to walk a fine line and figure out just how much of himself is too much. He’s intentionally revealing the nuances of interpreting Wikipedia rules, and also just having a little fun fucking with the internet. Which is of course the part that we like.

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