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  1. Tough Love - The Party - banner

    Tough Love: The Party

    A sitcom about two roommates from New York’s third-coolest borough. In episode 2, Steven and Blaire go to one of those parties that just makes you feel worse about yourself.

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  2. Superbowl-party

    Super Bowl party tips

    I’m no stranger to attending a party or two when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, sometimes even when specifically invited. I’d like to share some essential pointers for pigskin party-goers that I use each year. Allow me to allow YOU to have the best time possible at the party no matter what team you’re rooting for (I usually say the Wisconsin Wieners, but then again, I’m the office cut-up, so…)

    First: note where the host’s belfry is. It is most likely the room with the highest population of bats, and you’d be very wise to steer clear of it.

    If there are women at the party, be kind and courteous and ask them if they’d care to “have the next waltz.” Don’t be a sucker and miss your chance for a smooch after the big Charleston contest they’re sure to hold during half-time!

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  3. Dr Seuss hat guy

    Which Dr. Seuss hat should I wear to the party?

    The 90s Guy is a column about a guy from the 1990s.

    So I’ve got this party I’m going to this weekend and I want to show off that I’m like a really cool, laid back guy who likes to have a good time. So naturally I’m going to wear one of those like floppy stovetop Dr. Seuss hats — but I can’t figure out which one.

    I’ve got one that’s red and white, you know, just like totally Cat in the Hat style. I figure it shows off that I appreciate the classics — that I’m not trying to be anything more than who I am. I’ve got a playful side and I embrace my inner child.

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  4. Youtube Party

    Rules for My YouTube Party

    Rules for my YouTube party.

    Arrive at the time printed on your invitation. This isn’t a Chatroulette party, this is a YouTube party, and we have standards.

    We are looking for authentic, organically raised YouTube videos only. No hype. We take turns choosing videos. If I start clapping my hands very loudly and yelling ‘bravo’ when you’re playing a video it means you’re losing the audience and being a bad YouTube party guest. Pray you do not hear me clap my hands.

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  5. Women laughing with salad

    The 20 Absolute Best Meme Costumes from Hallowmeme 2011

    A meme costume is already better than your average costume, because when people recognize it you feel like you’re in a special club. And these costumes from the third annual NYC Hallowmeme party (sponsored by Slacktory, BuzzFeed, Forced Meme Productions and Epic Win for Anonymous) were especially impressive.

    Titles link to the meme, pics link to the photo source.

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