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  1. Nick and Siri: Her

    Nick falls in love with his digital assistant, but she’s already a million times smarter than him.

    Music: “Winter Sunshine” by/CC Evgeny Grinko

  2. wife looks at ugly husband

    Seeing him for the first time again

    It can be great to wake up from surgery forgetting who you’re married to—if you’re impressed by them. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

    Starring Meghan O’Neill.

  3. parodyaccount_header

    The best parody Twitter accounts of next year

    It is safe to say that topical Twitter parody accounts are literally the funniest and most epic thing in the entire “cyber-verse.” Remember all those Big Bird jokes from a couple months back? Trite, unoriginal garbage, right? Okay, now hold on a second. What if the person telling those jokes—was pretending to be Big Bird? I’ll give you some time to process that.

    These days, it seems like every major news story has an accompanying topical parody account. Kate Middleton is pregnant? Parody account. Kanye West wears a skirt? Parody account. A natural disaster devastates the Eastern seaboard? Parody account.

    If 2012 was “The Year of the Meme” (a phrase I am working to trademark) then 2013 is shaping up to be “The Year of the Topical Parody Account” (again, working to trademark). Here are my predictions for the Twelve Funniest Topical Parody Accounts of 2013:

    January: A cat using a fire extinguisher goes viral. Parody accounts pop up for the cat, and for the fire extinguisher. »

  4. detective points at chalk outline

    Gumshoe Diaries: Kill Me, Kate! Part 2

    Previously on The Gumshoe Diaries: Our hero pined after his lost love Kate and wallowed in sorrow. Then he caught the news.

    I read the article in disbelief. Why would anyone want to murder a billionaire?

    Last night, the CEO of a respectable pornography firm was found dead in his Fifth Avenue apartment. Why?

    Sure, the man had flaws. For starters, he was French, which means he probably never shaved his damn legs. And a lot of his movies alienated the asexual community. But the sheer violence of this crime was enough to outrage anyone.

    He’d been cut open like a common Honeybaked Ham… »

  5. Goofus Gallant Kevin header

    Goofus and Gallant and Kevin

    Remember these two from the old Highlights in the dentist’s office? Goofus never went far enough. Here are some Goofus and Gallant comics that could appeal to the edgy kids of today.

    See Kevin as he shows Goofus up. »

  6. Crushed it parody by Nick Divers
  7. Crippled Rejex and Aaron Gottfried music videos

    Which of these two videos is the parody?

    Can you tell which of these music videos was sent to Slacktory as a sincere message about American consumerism, and which is a parody of self-serious garage bands?

    If a video is funny, does it matter if it was intentional? »

  8. gumshoe diaries - detective story

    Gumshoe Diaries: “Kill me, Kate”

    The Gumshoe Diaries are a series of detective stories.

    Today I woke up angry again.

    I’d been dreaming about my ex, reliving that moment when I’d summoned enough balls to ask her out on a first date. When she finally agreed, I surprised her by taking her to one of the nicest McDonald’s in New York.

    I was on my best behavior that night, but God knows I wasn’t a prince. I’d hardly said a word throughout the meal because I was too busy leering at my hamburgers like some horny teenager. But Kate was an old-fashioned girl, accustomed to men who objectified pieces of meat.

    Kate was one of those girls with long, normal legs that reached all the way down to the floor… »

  9. Fuck! I’m in the twenties.

    The relatable observational blog Fuck! I’m in My Twenties (buy the book) has a new parody called Fuck! I’m in the Twenties. It’s about the 1920s. Will it last for over a week, or is it just a pretty-good one-off gag? WHO KNOWS.

    Here’s their best joke so far:

    Feel that rhythm, I’m not bullshitting here, there’s a real rhythm to joke lists, and this lands it like a slightly-dated Olympic gymnast metaphor.

  10. working women magazine covers

    Every Magazine Article About Women With Jobs

    Did you know that women have joined the workplace? Many studies in recent years have confirmed this to be true. But can you even imagine your wife or mother with a budget report in one hand and that week’s laundry in the other?

    Modern women in our fast paced world face a unique quandary: Can they have it all? That is, a husband, babies, plus a high-powered career involving some sort of briefcase? Is it reasonable for females—roughly 50% of American workers at the time of this writing— to participate in professional settings alongside males despite not having a penis and probably having kids? With the skeptical shrug of news magazines during slow news cycles, this article would like to cast a spotlight on these contemporary challenges.

    Read more

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