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  1. Concept Space business card

    Concept Space

    You know those vague media/advertising businesses where you can’t figure out what they do? Neither can the people who work there.

    Click for the credits. »

  2. who-called-receptionist

    Who called?

    NBC called. It wants its office satire back.

  3. tying a tie

    How to tie a tie in 32 easy steps

    1. Start by placing the tie around your neck so that the wide end hangs down about a foot lower than the narrow end.

    2. Quickly but thoroughly die on the inside. Actually feel your soul draining from your body and dripping out of your pores like sweat.

    3. Next, take the wide end and pull it across the narrow end.

    4. All of the other men in the office wear ties. In fact, it’s specifically mandated in the Employee Handbook under “Dress Code,” subsection “Males.” But the other men’s ties are always nicer than yours; made of finer quality material, comprised of richer hues, featuring repeated arrays of distinguished polo players or exotic animals. These are elegant ties with knots so intricate you wouldn’t even know how to begin replicating them. Your tie looks like the Men’s Department at Target took a shit on your chest.

    5. Breathe deeply. Try to ignore the way your entire chest quavers as you exhale. »

  4. sniffing receptionist hair

    “Interview” by Once a Week Film Fest

    Here’s a short film about a job interview that uses two schticks at once. The Once a Week Film Fest sent this to us on YouTube. Other comedy-video makers, you should send us your videos too.

    Watch ‘Interview’. »

  5. Anonymous Workplace Story: Jaws

    I sometimes chat with a funny guy who has an office job. This is his latest story, translated from IMs.

    Uuuugh duuude. I have been doing 12-13 hour days the last couple days, to work on a bloated, redundant project pitch.

    Like, imagine you were going to work on a movie. And this was just after Jaws came out.

    And you were going to be on a team to make a totally kickass monster movie — but then the executive producer says “Nah we can’t do that stuff. Your monster’s basically a shark.” And you realize “Fuck, I’m just making Jaws again.”

    “But, shittier.”

    That’s this project. Shitty Jaws.

  6. Notes From a Conference Call #1

    The following are real reactions to a real conference call, IMed to me by a friend at a terrible office job. This authorized series will recur every time he suffers such a meeting. — Ed.

    Guy on this call just said “could you add a little more flavor?” To a webpage.

    And it sounds like someone else on the call has a baby? And is driving a car with the windows down? Look out for your baby!

    Oh lord. Developer asks good question. Product manager gives him very condescending rephrasing of his question. Rephrasing is incorrect. Developer asks again. I die inside.

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