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  1. parodyaccount_header

    The best parody Twitter accounts of next year

    It is safe to say that topical Twitter parody accounts are literally the funniest and most epic thing in the entire “cyber-verse.” Remember all those Big Bird jokes from a couple months back? Trite, unoriginal garbage, right? Okay, now hold on a second. What if the person telling those jokes—was pretending to be Big Bird? I’ll give you some time to process that.

    These days, it seems like every major news story has an accompanying topical parody account. Kate Middleton is pregnant? Parody account. Kanye West wears a skirt? Parody account. A natural disaster devastates the Eastern seaboard? Parody account.

    If 2012 was “The Year of the Meme” (a phrase I am working to trademark) then 2013 is shaping up to be “The Year of the Topical Parody Account” (again, working to trademark). Here are my predictions for the Twelve Funniest Topical Parody Accounts of 2013:

    January: A cat using a fire extinguisher goes viral. Parody accounts pop up for the cat, and for the fire extinguisher. »

  2. Bozarking comic for Reddit
  3. BlackBerryIdeas Twitter avatar mangled

    Follow Thursday: @blackberryideas

    I always pick the wrong ideas for novelty accounts. It’s always something I get sick of after like twenty posts. Blackberry, surprisingly, is not such an account.

    By using the same broken English as fake Presidential candidate Matt Romney, reading @blackberryideas feels like hearing people with far more self-respect than brains, scrabbling to conquer something much larger than themselves. It’s like watching an unlikeable Don Quixote who’s already lost, but a lot more fun than that sounds.

    Read more great tweets from @blackberryideas. »

  4. World of Vipville

    World of Vipville: Changelog for a Nonexistent Video Game

    World of Vipville only lasted for 29 tweets from late July to early August. This Twitter account tracked changes for an intriguing but fake urban-themed massively multiplayer video game, defining angles of this massive nonexistant world in a Borges-like work of marginalia fiction.

    The updates are too interesting to be real, but there are several red herrings thrown in, like a bland privacy update every so often. I had to check several times to assure myself it was all fake.

    Here are a couple of the best tweets. See them all on Twitter.

    See six more of the best World of Vipville tweets. »

  5. akinetictypographer - a meme

    AKineticTypographer: Reddit’s Next Big Comment-Reply Novelty Account

    Reddit novelty accounts that illustrate comments are a genre, we’ve pointed that out. Today’s account, AKineticTypographer, has posted six kinetic-typography GIFs in twelve hours, each one featuring a comment in a different popular Reddit thread. Here’s their best work so far.

    See their best two kinetic typography GIFs. »

  6. ICanLegoThat's Collection

    Redditor ICanLegoThat Builds Your Comment With Bricks

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lego are badass. Unless you step on them. However in my book that qualifies them as weapons, which technically ups their badass quotient. Therefore it stands to reason that the Reddit novelty account ICanLegoThat is one of the coolest around, and the pictures we’ve gathered here prove it’s true.

    ICanLegoThat has Lego-fied redditor’s usernames and re-created iconic movie scenes, but more often than not he simply drops into unsuspecting threads and posts Lego interpretations of the comments that strike his fancy. His collection of bricks and minifigs is awe-inspiring, and he has a knack for using minimal presentation to convey a story. Most of his collection is made up of sets he had as a child, and while he estimates that it includes over 30,000 pieces, he says he tears down after each build is photographed, as he needs the pieces for new projects.

    Account owner Alex Eylar is not a literal pro (he works in the film business), but he knows his stuff. When I asked him for the oddest Lego fact he knows, he threw down:

    Only two actors have appeared as two different characters in Lego sets. One is Harrison Ford, in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets. The other is Alfred Molina, oddly enough, as Doc Ock in the Spider-Man sets, and as Indy’s guide in the Raiders of the Lost Ark set.

    Knows bricks, knows how to use them. One look at his Flickr stream and you’ll realize how insanely talented he is.

    Check out a few of the movie scenes he’s done: »

  7. Oh my god pistachios

    Novelty Redditor MS_Paint_Guy Will Draw Your Comment

    MS_Paint_Guy just started yesterday, and he’s still pretty underground. It probably takes ages to sketch this stuff in MS Paint, but it all comes out shittier than Shitty_Watercolor. And “make it look shitty” is classic internet aesthetic. I’m guessing he gets “noticed” on Reddit later this week, on the blogs by Monday, has his own subreddit next Friday, a week later he starts doing all of Slacktory’s above-headline images. What’s with those things?

    Let’s see MS_Paint_Guy’s best hits so far. There… there are two. Two of four total pictures.

    See the two pictures! They’re good pictures! »

  8. Bruce Dackler Twitter avatar

    This Is Everything: The Bruce Dackler Twitter Account

    If you know what “Bruce Dackler” means, skip to paragraph 3.

    Have you heard this name on Twitter? That’s because non-Republicans gleefully trolled an online petition signing yesterday. And a lot of the trolling spread through Twitter. The way the petition worked, anyone could sign and a printer would print out a one-page anti-Obamacare petition with their name on it, and a webcam showed the printer. So people submitted fake names like “Butty McButterbutt” in between the real names. And then the webcam, or the printer, broke at some point, and the last name before it broke was Bruce Dackler, and no one knows if he’s real, so a bunch of jokers were tweeting about the power of Bruce Dackler.

    So someone started a Bruce Dackler Twitter account yesterday, and it’s definitely fake because the profile pic is of a dead guy named Bruce Fraser. But it’s very subtle, so plenty of people think it’s really Bruce Dackler, and that subtlety is why This Is Everything.

    His bio:

    Dad. Avid runner. Believe in taking responsibility for yourself, pull yourself by your bootstraps and make your own luck.

    His location: America.

    Three sample tweets and we’re out:

  9. Mott Romney avatar

    Follow Friday: @MottRomney2012

    @MottRomney2012 is equal parts political candidate, cyborg and Egyptian hawk deity. But more than anything, he’s an AMERICAN. The only question is: can his bizarre rants about “Oboama” and the failings of the “U.A.S.” government score him some write-in votes this November?

    Read more tweets from the president of the Fifth World. »

  10. @Alittleracist: Retweets and gets into arguments with people who tweet racist things.

    Via: /r/twitter

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