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  1. Charles Dickens writes fanfic

    The best #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets (Volume 2)

    “You’re tearing this family apart,” Matriarch Sonic told Tails, “with your shitty Christmas gifts of single rings wrapped in aluminum foil.” “It’s your fault!” said Tails. “You’re the subject of too many satirical National Novel Writing Month tweets!” Sonic almost smacked Tails across the face, but s/he knew it to be true. S/he and her/is fedora were bringing shame upon their suburban dynasty.

    They barely calmed down for Thanksgiving dinner, both staring at their phones reading Slacktory’s picks of the best #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets. They’d already devoured volume 1, and they now dug into the second course.

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  2. fanfic writer

    The best #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets (Volume 1)

    I strapped another BatoPak to my fingers. It had been a hard month writing Future Articles for Future Slacktory, the last comedy blog on the internet after everyone realized CollegeHumor was made of stupidheads.

    I took a break to read the #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets that made fun of National Novel Writing Month. They were all good. But maybe if I trimmed away the redundant ones and picked the very best, I could survive another day in the War on Things I Don’t Like.

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  3. 8-bit Two Towers banner

    10 Classic Novel Covers in 8-bit Form

    Take a photograph of your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband or lover. Now, pixelate it — run it through an image processor on a computer. They dissolve into art when pixelized, don’t they? Into squares and abstract images of themselves. What does it all mean? Who can even answer these questions?

    Below are ten all-new covers for famous novels, all rendered in pixelated form (building off the great work of artists at Make Pixel Art), as the makers of video games in 1983 might have rendered them. This combines my love of literature with my love of old video games, which I’ve explored here before. Enjoy.

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