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  1. Remember 1994

    The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Ace of Base, Donkey Kong Country, and more 1994 pop culture.

  2. Top Six Wettest Disney Princesses

    6. Jasmine (Aladdin)

    Look at her, just standing in that Saudi Arabian desert, sand blowing everywhere. “What’s that J? You need some lotion for your uncomfortably dry and itchy skin?” Jasmine’s got those sweaty armpits guaranteed by a stiflingly hot home climate, but not much else going for her in the wet department. She also has a beloved orange and black pet cat named Garfield. Cats, especially cartoon cats, despise water and its wet properties. Girl, you just laid a big ol’ goose egg to kick off these wetness scale ratings.


  3. Windows 95 tips - collecting blood

    Windows 95 Tips will possess and sustain you, computer user

    Windows 95 Tips is a collection of scary screenshots from an old operating system — but it’s also building the story of one second-person protagonist trapped in a decrepit OS for over a decade.

    See three of the best posts. »

  4. Steve Urkel wizard

    Steve Urkel wasn’t a geek. He was a powerful sorcerer.

    If you were a kid watching Family Matters in the 90’s, you probably never called the show by its proper name. It was common to just lazily refer to the show by the name of its most popular character — Steve Urkel.

    That’s because what started out as an innocuous sitcom about a working class black family living in Chicago was hastily and sloppily retooled to showcase the breakout character of Steve Urkel. However, since Urkel was sort of a one-note geek, the show quickly devolved into some sort of science-fantasy farce featuring clones, transformation chambers, time-travel and evil sentient ventriloquist dummies.

    In fact, the show went so completely over the top with these ridiculous concepts that the viewer can only be left with one logical conclusion.

    Steve Urkel is a damn witch.

    Read how Steve’s most famous inventions are all sorcery. »

  5. Fake Science 101 - Taxonomy banner

    Fake Science: Five Forgotten Educational Videogames

    Who doesn’t remember playing in the computer lab in elementary school (besides people over 40)? We learned that almost anything could look like learning. When writing and researching the new textbook Fake Science 101, author Phil Edwards uncovered a treasure trove of attempts to make learning fun, and his finds include these classic computer-room games. Though they didn’t all make it into the textbook, they did make it into this list.

    1. Taxonomy: Classifying species has never been fun, and though this game didn’t change that, it did add sound effects and a few buttons. Students who reached the final level got a chance to place themselves in the genus for loneliness.

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  6. rat tails on google images

    Reddit’s “What Did You Used to Think Was Cool?” Thread Makes You Want to Burn Old Pictures

    Guilty pleasures can be a controversial topic. Some people argue that if you enjoy something, you should enjoy it wholeheartedly and without shame. While I personally agree, sometimes I can’t help but be a little embarrassed by the things I love — like fluffy teen pop music. But nothing quite compares to the shame of a past obsession, the thing you once thought was beyond cool, the very definition of rad, yet now recall with horror.

    Redditor damarust admits that for him, it was velcro shoes. He asked his fellow users, asking, “What is something you used to think was cool but now realize is not?

    Nicnak1118 didn’t quite have the coordination of his fellow classmates:

    In middle school it was really cool to touch your middle finger to your thumb then shake your hand up and down really fast making your pointer finger smack into your middle finger and thumb. This made a snapping sound. I could never do it, and I was SO envious that everyone else could.

    Jiggjuggjogg gives it a try, with less than desirable results:

    I just tried it and looked like I was giving a handjob. I think I may be doing it wrong.

    Look_at_me tries to help out:

    Try it without a penis in your hand.

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  7. TMNT nose

    What TMNT Noses Prove About Our 80s Obsession

    80s nostalgia! It’s a big deal right now, for some reason. It’s either a sign of the End Times or a sign that our culture is dominated by tweens who will wear Super Mario T-shirts for completely random reasons, despite having been too youngto play Super Mario Bros. when it originally came out.

    Or maybe there’s something else behind all of this. Did it ever occur to you that a sense of 80s nostalgia might be hardwired into our brains? Or hardwired into our brains-slash-bodies? …That would be one explanation, right? For the recent barrage of 80s crap that has assaulted our world? After all, what is the deal with the Transformers and Smurfs revivals — and, to a far, far lesser extent, what’s with the ThunderCats and G.I. Joe revivals?

    Yeah, what’s with that? »

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