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  1. New York City neighborhoods you’ve never heard of

    Nick Douglas gives you a guide to a whole new Manhattan.

  2. Tough Love: The Announcement

    In Tough Love episode 4, Blaire upsets a dinner party when she reveals something personal.

    Watch more at

    See the credits. »

  3. Tough Love: The Goddesses

    Tough Love episode 3 is out! Steven gets stressed out by his meditation teacher, and Blaire wonders if she’s gay.

    This was the first episode we shot, and it was fun. On day 1 of shooting, Emily Fletcher kindly let us use her meditation studio and played a high-strung, evil version of herself.

    Tough Love, a comedy series about two roommates afraid of New York City and of their own sex lives, has been compared to “Broad City” by The Daily Dot.

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  4. Tough Love - The Party - banner

    Tough Love: The Party

    A sitcom about two roommates from New York’s third-coolest borough. In episode 2, Steven and Blaire go to one of those parties that just makes you feel worse about yourself.

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  5. Gangs of New York Five Points

    WARNING: Gangs to watch out for in New York City

    Residents of New York, please be advised to be on the lookout for any suspicious criminal activity involving:

    Treacherous Phil,
    The Frowny Downers,
    The Hitched Villians,
    Their newborn son: Dylan Villain,
    Benedict Arnold,
    to a lesser extent, Benedict Ronald,
    See what other gangs to avoid. »

  6. Every supposed picture of Hurricane Sandy over New York City is definitely real

    I live in New York and this is super-real:

    This is how storms work. They just appear suddenly, while boats are still out on the water and people are just all out on Liberty Island. Even climate change happens in, like, a half hour.

    Here’s how storms attack New York City. »

  7. guy trips on subway stairs

    The Magical Subway Stairs of New York’s 36th Street Stop

    Dean Peterson noticed that one of the steps leading up from his subway stop is higher than the others, and it constantly trips people up.

    We’re super-damn-late on this video, even though Dean is the guy who uploads all of Slacktory’s videos to YouTube and we should have been subscribed to him. So I’m sorry for that, I know it greatly affected you, I’m sorry.

    Watch people trip and feel dumb and not know it’s these damn stairs. »

  8. Orlando banner

    New City Slogans

    City mottos are all either Latin (“Sicut patribus sit deus nobis”), Amishy (“Upon This Rock”) or trying too hard (“Gateway to Southern Ohio!”). I’ve made them a bit snappier.

    See the new slogans for Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, New York and more. »

  9. Shit New Yorkers Say

    Shit New Yorkers Say

    I used to work with Eliot Glazer and that’s probably my pickup line for the rest of my life because unf!

    Sorry to everyone who doesn’t live in New York.

    Watch the only Shit X Say that matters because haha New York is all that matters no wait come back please. »

  10. self-playing bowling games

    Microsite Wizard: Cory Arcangel

    Most Microsite Wizards are just wasting time between their real work. Cory Arcangel is a professional artist, which means his work is wasting time. Some of Cory’s novelty sites:

    Check out other work from Cory’s ten-year career.

    And if you’re in New York, you can see his work at the Whitney now. »

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