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  1. Mark Malkoff as Jason

    Mark Malkoff Watches Over 250 Netflix Movies in One Month

    Our colleague Mark Malkoff watched so many damn Netflix movies that technically he paid about 3 cents per film. He stuck just to streaming films, and he skipped from classics like Groundhog Day and Network to The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. (Here’s the whole list.)

    Can you imagine the melange of memories one forms after jamming Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind next to The Thing With Two Heads? How could he even decide the star rating for every movie?

    Watch Mark watch movies! »

  2. Netflix Qwikster Netflix Logo

    Funny Twitter Reactions to Netflix Killing Qwikster

    Netflix isn’t spinning off its DVD service as a separate site named Qwikster, CEO Reed Hastings announced in a blog post this morning. Twitter reacted with mockery.

    Read over a dozen more. »

  3. Jason Alexander and woman

    Netflix Relief Fund

    Jason Alexander hosts this writes-itself comedy sketch about the heartbreaking tragedy of Netflix’s new prices.

    Sponsored by Blockbuster, Regal Theaters, Hulu, YouTube, Megavideo, and Actual Cable Like Everyone Else.

    Watch it, the punchline is like three sentences in. »

  4. Netflix preview

    The Entire Internet Goes 404

    Aw hell, Reddit’s down again! And Twitter! And Tumblr, and aw man, the entire internet has gone 404 ha ha ok that’s the joke-explaining intro now let’s look at the pictures.

    Designs by Dustin Glick.

    See all 11 error messages. »

  5. Cityville

    Slacktory Index: Urbanization Edition

    Words in the Wikipedia article “Evolution“: 9,578
    Words in the article “Digivolution” (the evolution process of creatures in the “Digimon” games and shows): 5,207
    Words in the “Articles for deletion” debate for Digivolution: 657
    Monthly active users of Facebook for Android: 50 million
    Videos viewed on Facebook per month: 2 billion
    Videos viewed on YouTube per day: 2 billion
    Monthly active users of CityVille: 83 million
    Populations of Tokyo, Seoul and Mexico City metropolitan areas combined: 73 million
    Global ratio of urban to rural dwellers: 1:1
    Ratio of active users, CityVille vs. FarmVille: 2.2:1
    Keep counting. »

  6. US Netflix local faves preview

    The United States of Netflix Local Favorites

    Turns out, Netflix will tell you what movies are popular in your area. Also turns out, local favorites are often funnily clichéd.

    We looked up the movies that each state was watching more than the others, and we mapped them out across the United States. Enjoy!

    Mississippi: What the hell, guys?

    See the giant Netflix map. »

  7. Netflix Places — Concept for an app that would alert you whenever you were near the site of a film scene. Will destroy Manhattan in a half hour.

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