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  1. Tila Tequila conspiracy theory banner

    Tila Tequila’s descent into conspiracy-theory madness

    This is not a joke piece. The story below is real. — Ed.

    Is the following a quote from Left Behind or blog of a reality star from the mid 2000s?

    This is a message to all the people of Jerusalem. I am the reincarnation of Melchizedek. Have been a lie to your own people and used a great many masquerading as a human led humanity to the world very dark and ugly. If you really believe that then you must believe me a message to all of you. I roll the real bodies of Melchizedek.

    If you guessed a blog, you win! And bonus points if you guessed it was translated from Hebrew (I had to use Google Translate) from a post by Tila Tequila. This October, the former reality star has refocused her brand online as a “Freedom Fighter” against the Illuminati, Moon People, mind controlling frequencies, and a possible upcoming apocalypse.

    Read about Tila’s descent into paranoia, possibly aggravated by true brain damage. »

  2. Nighthawks with Tom

    Last Call at Tom’s Bar

    A sort of science fiction story.

    “It’s been hard since everyone disappeared. I searched for them all, for days, until I collapsed from exhaustion. They were all just…gone.”

    He looked up from his beer and stared at the pretty but damaged girl across the table. His face was too weary to hide the pain that used to only escape from the scars under the long sleeves of his faded black Against Me! t-shirt. His companion absent-mindedly stirred her Long Island and stared in the general direction of the band.

    “We’ve all lost people close to us. You aren’t special in that regard.” She had the practiced monotone of someone who has spent years perfecting a jaded outlook.

    “I know, but 168 friends don’t just…vanish. There’s something going on here.”

    Keep drinking. »

  3. Netflix preview

    The Entire Internet Goes 404

    Aw hell, Reddit’s down again! And Twitter! And Tumblr, and aw man, the entire internet has gone 404 ha ha ok that’s the joke-explaining intro now let’s look at the pictures.

    Designs by Dustin Glick.

    See all 11 error messages. »

  4. Mark Zuckerberg parody

    Mark Zuckerberg and Tom From MySpace Meet at a Bar

    It’s hard to be funny about top news stories, now that Twitter and Facebook reveal that everyone makes the same obvious jokes. And the idea behind this sketch from Rooster Teeth (makers of Red vs. Blue) isn’t really new. But the execution is impeccable. So’s the punchline.

    Watch the sketch. »

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