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  1. Sell-In: Stop your favorite musicians from selling out!

    Bob Dylan recently caused an uproar by appearing in a Super Bowl ad for Chrysler. Fans were furious that their idol would betray them like this, giving them no say in how much money he makes and specifically how he makes it.

    Selling out has been a constant concern for fans of artists. By accepting money from big companies, artists are engaging in a filthy act that almost literally amounts to pooping in their fans’ mouths.

    But thankfully, selling out is on its way out, thanks to a revolutionary new website called Sell-In.

    See how Sell-In works. »

  2. The Whistling Supercut

    Jon Lefkovitz made a supercut music video to his own original whistling song.

    See the list of featured films, TV shows, and music videos. »

  3. Supercut: Rappers introduce themselves

    Hip-hop artists are known for being polite.

    See the source list. »

  4. rappers love Jewish lawyers hed

    Rappers love Jewish lawyers

    I don’t even want to hear about their Muslim accountants.

  5. Breaking Bad Weird Al Albuquerque - Saul Goodman

    Weird Al’s “Albuquerque”: the Breaking Bad music video

    Weird Al Yankovic’s eleven-minute epic gets dramatized by Walter White and the other fine residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  6. The 5 stages of the new Daft Punk

    I’ve been going through them for months now. Recognize any of these emotions in yourself?

    1. DENIAL


    Nope nope nope this is NOT going to be like when Alive 2007 owned the end of my 2007 and all of my 2008 and parts of my 2009. I’ll just watch this YouTube clip of the combined SNL promos one. more. time. [Repeat dozens of times]

    2. ANGER


    Woooooooah-kay, that Soundcloud file is NOT the actual full version of “Get Lucky”. I’m going to savage this latest faker in an Internet comment section. That busywork makes the waiting easier, right? [Repeat dozens of times]

    See the rest of the five-step Daft Punk process. »

  7. Free Jahar (by downloading my mixtape)

    Hey y’all, it’s me, Troy Crossley. You may know me as the talented young rapper using his music to get the word out about the innocence of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev.

    But I’m not just an aspiring musician and entrepreneur (I am those things, though) – I’m also a champion of social justice, as well as an extremely gifted rapper, but also the social justice thing, too.

    Jahar is innocent, and I have proof. (

  8. Randy-Travis-mug-shot

    The other side of the country song

    “Before He Cheats”
    (A statement from Oklahoma 9th Judicial Circuit Court, the Hon. Lindsay R. Stapleton presiding)

    Right now, you’re probably wishing that you could shoot a little whiskey. Right now, you’re probably thinking your ditty was much too risky. Right now, you’re probably hoping that the Court rules for you or that he won’t show.

    Oh, yes. I know.

    But Miss Underwood, the fact remains that when you “dug your key” into the side of “his pretty little souped-up 4-wheel drive,” you engaged in an act of vandalism as the pickup truck is obviously valued at more than the $400 required for this felony charge. Guilt is clear in this case. We turn now to a punishment that fits the crime.

    I would be remiss if I overlooked the clear hatred you have for protected classes, such as drinkers of fruit-based cocktails… »

  9. The 2013 Coachella rejected lineup

    It’s a favorite internet tradition to take the annual Coachella lineup poster and fake the hell out of it. We’re glad to carry on that noble ritual.


    Click the poster for a bigger image.


  10. Borg Cher

    When did Cher become a cyborg?

    The 90s Guy is a column by a man living in the 1990s.

    Holy shit! I turned around for like five minutes and Cher has become some kind of cybernetic angel-being from the future.

    Like, I know she hasn’t really done much lately (other than that weird duet with Beavis and Butthead) but I didn’t know she was taking a break so she could undergo an experimental procedure to bring her that much closer to a state of pure electronic omniscience.

    I mean, you’ve heard that Believe song, right?

    If you haven’t heard it yet, you should check your TV Guide… »

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