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  1. Montage: Buddy cops in film

    A celebration of the American buddy cop subgenre in movies.

    Edited by Brutzelpretzel and Clara Darko.

    See credits, artist’s note, and a timecoded source list. »

  2. Star Wars movie trailer: Blooper edition

    A vintage Star Wars ad with all the footage replaced by bloopers. Yeah, I’d watch two hours of that.

    Watch the original, newly revealed blooper reel.

  3. Monster behind you

    Supercut: Turn around!

    For the love of god, watch your six.

    See the source list in order. »

  4. Supercut: Don’t check it out, don’t split up

    If you find yourself in a scary movie, stick close to everyone. The moment you split up, you’re hacked up.

    See the source list. »

  5. cat scare movies

    Supercut: It’s just a cat

    If a TV or film character is creeping around a spooky place, they will get scared by a cat.

    Inspired by TV Tropes: Cat Scare.

    See the list of source films and shows. »

  6. Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

    Jesse’s Revenge

    After the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman had plans. Big plans.

  7. How to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps

    Why is 2013 turning into such a bad year for superhero movies? They should have seen how 2012 did it:

    More by Alex Coulombe
    Music by Mat Coulombe, see more at SoundCloud
    Extended Backstreet Boys superhero sacrifice cut

  8. Do you believe this guy

    Supercut: I don’t believe this guy!

    It’s what movie characters say about an hour before they believe the aforementioned guy.

  9. Cinderella almost kisses the prince
  10. Remember 2006 collage 600

    Remember 2006

    Ride the bleeding edge of nostalgia with Siminz’s mashup of pop music, TV, movies and video games from 2006.

    See more “Remember” videos by Siminz.

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