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  1. Pitches for movie lines

    Please feel free to use these in your next movie.

  2. Nick and Siri: Her

    Nick falls in love with his digital assistant, but she’s already a million times smarter than him.

    Music: “Winter Sunshine” by/CC Evgeny Grinko

  3. Star Trek blooper trailer

    Slacktory’s fourth Derp Edition movie trailer goes where no man has oh god are we doing this bit? Do they even use that tagline any more?

    Edited by OneMinuteGalactica
    See the original blooper reel

  4. The Whistling Supercut

    Jon Lefkovitz made a supercut music video to his own original whistling song.

    See the list of featured films, TV shows, and music videos. »

  5. Die Hard derp trailer 600

    Die Hard trailer: Derp edition

    Die Hard trailer, meet the Die Hard blooper reel.

    (Original blooper reel)

  6. Remember 1994

    The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Ace of Base, Donkey Kong Country, and more 1994 pop culture.

  7. Montage: Archery in film

    Alex Coulombe celebrates the best of movie archers. Highlight: Every Robin Hood movie where Robin’s arrow splits the last arrow.

  8. Supercut: We don’t negotiate with terrorists

    I’m particularly proud of the Olsen twins in clip 3.

    Edited by Brett Roberts and Travis Greenwood.

    Source list:

    Air Force One
    Winning London
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Tropic Thunder
    Collateral Damage
    Land Of The Blind
    World Is Not Enough
    Austin Power: International Man Of Mystery
    The Simpsons (“Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming”)
    Winning London
    Get Smart
    The Delta Force

  9. The Avengers trailer: Blooper edition

    The Avengers blooper reel makes a great movie trailer.

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