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  1. Die Hard derp trailer 600

    Die Hard trailer: Derp edition

    Die Hard trailer, meet the Die Hard blooper reel.

    (Original blooper reel)

  2. The Avengers trailer: Blooper edition

    The Avengers blooper reel makes a great movie trailer.

  3. Star Wars movie trailer: Blooper edition

    A vintage Star Wars ad with all the footage replaced by bloopers. Yeah, I’d watch two hours of that.

    Watch the original, newly revealed blooper reel.

  4. Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

    Jesse’s Revenge

    After the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman had plans. Big plans.

  5. Woody Allen is the Terminator

    Woody Allen is the Terminator

    Using only audio from trailers for The Terminator and video from Woody Allen’s Sleeper, One Minute Galactica presents a robot that’s more neurotic than terrifying.

  6. Star Trek Into Taxes
  7. T-rex and Han Solo

    Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park

    Welcome… to JurAT-AT Park.

  8. Party-Down-movie-trailer-murder

    Party Down: The movie trailer

    From the creator of “What if Adam Scott’s character on Parks & Recreation were a murderous villain?” comes “What if Adam Scott’s character on Party Down were a murderous villain?”

  9. The Hobbit - Gandalf says wakka wakka

    Peter Jackson Decides How to End the New Hobbit Trailer

    “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” director Peter Jackson and editor Greg Daniels sit in an editing booth.

    JACKSON: Well that’s great! It communicates the epic scope of the book, assures the audience there’s plenty to cover here, gets them excited for new worlds unexplored. Now we just need to add a fart joke.

    DANIELS: …Sorry?

    See the trailer for ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’. »

  10. angel from the river euphrates

    Angel From the River Euphrates: A Crazy Guy’s Homemade Movie Trailer

    A Slacktory reader who used to work at a film studio tells us, “As official policy, we never read pitches. That protects us from people suing us because they happened to have the same idea we had.

    “Well, when I was there, I read all the pitches.”

    And they saved the following trailer, sent to the studio by “Joseph E. Pettigrew”.

    Watch this and remember that it was meant to seriously entice a major studio into making a feature film. It’s about a prophecy, a monster, and a hero — and it seems to all be shot around one guy’s house. He uses his living room, his bedroom, a backyard swimming pool, a trampoline. He uses a multiple-exposure effect to play all the characters at once. He wears the same blue polo shirt through half the trailer. His closing line is “OK, you can explode now.”

    There’s nothing wrong with making a video like this! There’s just something wrong with sending it to a film studio where professionals work! I think Pettigrew conceived and recorded this whole thing in an afternoon. I want to think that. The alternative is too depressing.

    Watch ‘Angel From the River Euphrates’. »

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