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  1. Montage: Archery in film

    Alex Coulombe celebrates the best of movie archers. Highlight: Every Robin Hood movie where Robin’s arrow splits the last arrow.

  2. Montage: Buddy cops in film

    A celebration of the American buddy cop subgenre in movies.

    Edited by Brutzelpretzel and Clara Darko.

    See credits, artist’s note, and a timecoded source list. »

  3. Movies in movies - Fight Club

    Movies in movies: A metacinematic montage

    A celebration of cinema within cinema.

    Edited by Clara Darko and Brutzelpretzel

    See the clip list. »

  4. Machine gun firing in movie

    Gunplay: A tribute to gunfights in film

    In the movies, people don’t kill people, guns kill people. And robots. And intelligent apemen.

    Credits and info »

  5. Training-montage-montage

    Training montage montage

    Every time you consider not following your new year’s resolution, watch this.

    See the list of featured titles. »

  6. condescending wonka on mess of memes

    The Great Meme Original-Source Montage

    The “Mess of Memes” montage doesn’t really add much context to often-quoted “meme” lines like “shut up and take my money” or “the rent is too damn high,” since they mostly come from popular TV shows and movies, and the meme versions often include a screencap of the source. You won’t find the source of “silly and nonsexual” here.

    But for those of us who are already sick of these lines, but slap them into Reddit threads for cheap karma anyway, this is our nostalgic fanboy equivalent to Cardcaptor Sakura music videos.

    Watch ‘Mess of Memes’. It’s got the origin of ‘Hello, This Is Dog.’ »

  7. YouTube haiku faces

    This Is Everything: This Collection of Short YouTube Clips

    This is 12 minutes of funny internet clips LOL u guyz. But mostly not the shitty kind that moms know about, more the absurd kind. It’s made of “YouTube haiku”, largely grabbed from this newly popular subreddit.

    There are a few clips from super-mainstream TV shows like The Office, which is cheating. But it’s still a damn good ride through the internet.

    Channel-flip through the internet. »

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