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  1. Jonathan Lethem’s “My Internet”

    Our leader had only two rules, both brilliantly simple: no money, and no animals.

    — Jonathan Lethem in “My Internet”, a short story about an exclusive 100-person internet.

    Ironoppropriately, the New Yorker has locked it out from non-subscribers, but someone’s pasted the whole two-page story into their blog.

    It’s not really a humor piece, but it’s a great metaphor for forum communities like MetaFilter and The Well, and the bloggers who emerged from them (like Jason Kottke and Andy Baio).

  2. Liquid Generation banner

    The Top 10 Websites, by College Me

    Thanks for reading teenage me’s list of top 10 websites! But now I’m in college and I’m much more mature. I’m a serious thinker, and I spent a semester as a libertarian. I have a much more serious line-up of favorite sites.

    Some of them are Web 2.0! »

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