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  1. scumbag-steve-music-video

    Check Out Scumbag Steve (AKA Blake Boston)’s Rap Video, “Scumbug Steve Overture”

    Blake Boston has embraced the fact that a photo of him in a fitted Boston Red Sex cap turned into a huge meme, and now he’s embraced it with this fun video about Scumbag Steve. I say this without irony: this is a fun video and you should watch it.

    Scumbag Slacktory: Promotes a video / hides it after the jump (Seriously though, embedded YouTube videos slow page load times so we don’t throw ‘em everywhere; we do this because we love you.) »

  2. Josh Fonner

    The Potato Letters: Josh Fonner Writes to “I Can Count to Potato” Victim

    Slacktory’s Brad O’Farrell wrote about Heidi Crowter, the girl whose picture was used in the “I can count to potato” meme, and whom the Sun recently irresponsibly publicized. I asked Josh Fonner, who gave several interviews this year about being used in two mean “fat” memes, to write some advice from one meme victim to another.

    We post a lot of satire here, but the following is real. Josh wrote one open letter to comfort Heidi, then chastised her mother in another. His opinions are, of course, his own.

    Dear Heidi,

    You don’t know me, but we have something in common. We’ve both been made fun of by a lot of mean people on the internet. I just wanted to write you a short letter to try to cheer you up. I understand you’re probably sad and upset about what you’ve seen in the past few days. Don’t let it get you down. I’ve had my pictures stolen and used in hurtful ways too, but the GREAT part of it is, none of these people have EVER made fun of me in real life. My advice to you Heidi, if this meme hurts you, live your life like you never found out about it. People will forget it ever happened. Just be the lovely, kind, gentle hearted person I’m sure you are, and everything will work itself out. Because “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Keep your chin up. This will all die down soon enough. It always does.


    Josh has harsher words for Heidi’s mother. »

  3. Keanu, OK Guy and High Expectations Asian Father say follow this blog

    29 Advice Meme Versions of “Follow This Blog, You’ll Love It on Your Dashboard”

    “FOLLOW THIS BLOG. You’ll love it on your dashboard.”

    If you use Tumblr long enough, you come to hate this on your dashboard. It’s the tagline of the 1000notes network, the mouth sore that follows massively reblogged posts around Tumblr.

    But from now on, you can imagine it being said by one of your favorite memes, and then maybe seeing it won’t make you want to shoot your dashboard quite as much.

    READ THIS POST. You’ll love it on your surfboard I don’t even know what joke I’m trying to make but read this post. »

  4. Rage guy

    Internet Webcomic on the Internet: Rage Faces Get Jobs

    As a nation flocks to hashtags and tiny hands, rage comic faces are losing their acting jobs. Here’s where troll face, OK face and their friends have ended up.

    It’s not a great job market. »

  5. Raggedy Anne Doll with sexy note

    Ask an Evil Genie: Famous for Something Sexy

    Meredith Haggerty bought a lamp off Etsy and discovered an evil genie. She wished to have a column in a prestigious blog, and the genie gave her this.

    The Evil Genie grants three wishes a week, so leave a wish in the comments and keep checking to see if it’s answered!

    Emily K wishes: Hi Evil Genie. I wish that I was famous on the internet for something really awesome and sexy. Can you help?

    Genie replies: Well, by my very nature I can’t really help, but I can certainly make this wish a stark and horrifying reality!

    When you get an email with the subject line, “FWD: Click here for an exciting treat,” you delete it because: gross. When you receive a small flood of emails from people you know with the same subject line, with “Urgent Message” red exclamation points of hysteria attached, you decide you should probably click there, for an exciting treat. In the email, there is some usual chain letter nonsense, Nana-style, and then a video. Really, it’s pretty hilarious.

    There you are, all of 7 years old, on-stage at a school talent show. Why don’t you remember this? You must have blocked it out. You recognize the outfit — purple sequined crop-top, black bedazzled bike shorts, high pony-tail — a 90’s ideal. You’re surrounded by podiums of varying heights, and on each podium is a basket containing a doll. There are Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, a plush Minnie Mouse. The music starts to pulse, and your tiny hips start to sway profanely. The track? Right Said Fred’s 1992 classic, “I’m Too Sexy.” And you’re off — “I’m too sexy for my dolls, too sexy for my dolls, I’m too sexy for them alllll, yeah.” You skip from one basket to the next, being too sexy for Skipper, and Baby Huey, and Samantha from the American Girls. Is it awesome? You heard the part about the dolls, right? Is it sexy? I heard somewhere that it’s TOO sexy, but I can’t be sure where.

    At first, you try to laugh it off… »

  6. Michael Bluth banner

    Famous Characters Play “What People Think I Do”

    You know why everyone hates the “What people think I do” meme? Because they’re about real people’s boring lives.

    But Darth Vader, Michael Bluth from Arrested Development, GLaDOS from Portal, Jeff Winger from Community, Leonard Shelby from Memento, Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Alex from A Clockwork Orange have fascinating lives, and I just made “What people think I do” galleries for all of them.

    Finally, see some entertaining ‘What I do’ pics. »

  7. Motivational Mayan Calendar advice meme

    18 Maxims From the Motivational Mayan Calendar, A Last-Days Advice Meme

    Motivational Mayan Calendar feels bad about his role in the end of life as we know it, so he’s making it up to us by giving us words of wisdom to help us accept our fate and maybe even survive, if not thrive, on post-apocalyptic earth.

    Take his advice and stop sweating the small stuff so we can enjoy our last year as earth’s dominant species. Listen and be prepared for what comes next, just in case you live to see it.

    Read the Mayan Calendar’s advice, for the little time that it will matter. »

  8. Your Cell Phone Has a Name! A New Facebook Game

    You might notice this in your Facebook feed:

    It does work. Wanna know how?

    Well let’s find out, kids! »

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