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  1. Bad Wigs: Sweeties

    Comedians Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin play two frenemy roommates planning a party.

    “I can take care of the booze!” “Oh, I know you can take care of the booze. After all, I take out the recycling.”

    Written by and starring Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin

    Camera: Nate Bennett

    Editor: Nick Douglas

    Music: “Sad Love Song From Someone Else” by Littlefoot (CC 2013)

    See also: Bad Wigs: Gentrification

  2. Bad Wigs banner

    Bad Wigs

    Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin play two women who thought Angela’s Ashes was a children’s book.

  3. wife looks at ugly husband

    Seeing him for the first time again

    It can be great to wake up from surgery forgetting who you’re married to—if you’re impressed by them. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

    Starring Meghan O’Neill.

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