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  1. Steve Urkel wizard

    Steve Urkel wasn’t a geek. He was a powerful sorcerer.

    If you were a kid watching Family Matters in the 90’s, you probably never called the show by its proper name. It was common to just lazily refer to the show by the name of its most popular character — Steve Urkel.

    That’s because what started out as an innocuous sitcom about a working class black family living in Chicago was hastily and sloppily retooled to showcase the breakout character of Steve Urkel. However, since Urkel was sort of a one-note geek, the show quickly devolved into some sort of science-fantasy farce featuring clones, transformation chambers, time-travel and evil sentient ventriloquist dummies.

    In fact, the show went so completely over the top with these ridiculous concepts that the viewer can only be left with one logical conclusion.

    Steve Urkel is a damn witch.

    Read how Steve’s most famous inventions are all sorcery. »

  2. cup floating in air in drive-thru prank

    Drive-Thru Employees Freaked Out by Floating Cup Prank

    Wanted: Someone to float a cup with me. This is a joke. You’ll get paid when we get to Chick-fil-A. Must bring your own soda. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this twice before.

    “Magician Prankster” Rahat likes to prank drive-thru employees. They react super-well.

    Watch the fast-food floating cup prank. »

  3. Nate Smith magic show

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