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  1. I don’t know, what do YOU want to do for lunch?

    Nick and Steven re-enact every conversation ever about where to get a meal.

    Written by Nick Douglas
    Starring Steven Bell and Nick Douglas

  2. sadlunch

    Have a sad lunch, everybody

    62% of American office workers usually eat their lunch in the same spot they work all day. Is this true? I have no idea. But that’s what the creators of the Tumblr Sad Desk Lunch say, so I believe them.

    Sad Desk Lunch chronicles those wax paper-wrapped, Tupperware-contained moments of midday depression-mitigation collectively known as lunch.

    What makes these so depressing are those little bits of personality, desperately added to keep morale from flagging, to remind the lunch-packer that he or she is a person with preferences and needs and feelings and not just the occupant of a chair, facing a computer, so easily replaceable, so entirely unloved — a slice of lemon.

    It gets worse. »

  3. Meatloaf and potatoes

    The 12-Year-Old Donut Critic Attacks Cafeteria Food

    Editor Nick here. I found the 12-year-old who wrote the famous “Plain donuts are fake” essay, and I’ve hired her to write a column, via her super-cool-about-this mother.

    This post is not a joke, this is truly and actually Evelyn C., author of “The Fake Donut”.

    Evelyn vs Cafeteria Food

    Meatloaf photo by Sarah Wu, “Fed Up With Lunch”

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