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  1. Business ideas for the Powerball jackpot winner

    Everyone who’s not the Powerball $425M jackpot winner, PLEASE DON’T WATCH THIS CONFIDENTIAL VIDEO.

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    A Message From the Guy Who Won the Lottery and Wants to Share His Money With Everyone on Facebook

    Hey, it’s me, the guy who won the lottery and then said he’d share his money with total strangers who shared his photo on Facebook! You may have seen my photo when one of your friends shared it! They probably wrote, “This dude actually won and hes planin on splittin a little with anyone who shares his update sooo im sharing.” Anyway, just wanted to say that I got my check and I’ll be cashing it soon. Then begins my long journey of tracking down the tens of thousands of people who shared my photo, because I am ridiculously generous for no reason, and also I am real.

    Here’s proof that my lottery ticket was real and that I’m going to be rich soon:

    You ever see a check for $640 million before? Brace yourself. »

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    Twitter’s Got Lottery Fever! Here’s What People Are Saying They’d Do if They Won the Lottery

    Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is over $640 million, and even though your odds of winning are about 1 in 175,000,000, people are already daydreaming about what they’d do with all that money.

    [blackbirdpie url="!/leeleevia/status/185835159881400320"]

    [blackbirdpie url="!/MoonMan_Pac/status/185621841983975424"]

    We picked out about a dozen more. Trust me, they get weirder. »

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