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  1. Apt 8 News cat wide

    Apt 8 News: New Roommate

    Alex has trouble replacing her co-anchor Jackie.

    Watch the whole Apt 8 News series.

    Directed & produced by James Madejski & Kris Wellman
    Shot & edited by James Madejski
    Written by Kris Wellman
    Post-production supervisor: Bryan Honig
    Assistant Director: Joshua Marcus
    Camera: Yanivel Lopez
    Sound: James Molinaro
    Production Assistant: Alexandra Klimavich
    Cat Wrangler: Brandon Kirby
    Starring: Chelsea Kurtz, Laura Pollak, Natalie Rice, Laura Marion, and Schmie

  2. Gustavo Almodovar

    Gustavo Almadovar excels at saying his name

    Gustavo Almadovar works for Eyewitness News in Orange County. When he signs himself off, it’s a chant, like he’s summoning his own spirit. Particularly when some newswatcher cuts together all his signoffs into a lilting montage.

    Watch the supercut of one beautiful name. »

  3. Mr Clean Up on the news

    Mr. Clean Up: “I Don’t Take No Orders From No Woman”, an Auto-Tune Song

    Man delivers silly interview on local news. YouTube celebrates. YouTuber makes Auto-Tune version.

    This isn’t even by the Gregory Brothers. This world is bigger now.

    Watch Mr. Clean Up. He has a very catchy slogan. »

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