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  1. Worst IMDb lists - Howard the Duck

    The 17 worst IMDb lists

    Most IMDb lists are just “movies I need to see” or “my favorite horror flicks”. These are not those lists.

    Click any screencap to see the actual IMDb list.

    Includes “Patrick Swayze as an ideal Knuckles the Echidna.”


    Research methods PLEASE sir.

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  2. unbabyme-list’s baby-detecting keywords list is amazing

    I just installed, the browser extension for replacing Facebook baby photos with photos of other, more interesting things. After you set it up in Chrome, it drops you on the configuration page, which features a RIDICULOUS list of keywords they use to locate babies.

    Here it is:

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  3. Data Points: These Are Some Data Points

    • “You would not want to read a whole essay about vegetables — all those blocks of text, so chunky — but if the information is presented in bite-sized form, you can handle that.” — “This is a list” by Slacktory contributor Oliver Miller. [Thought Catalog]
    • “We are Gotham’s reckoning, and also a leading private equity firm delivering industry-leading returns for our investors.” [Bane Capital on Twitter]
    • The World’s 13 Laziest Salmon. Another actually funny list born out of a joke piece on McSweeney’s. [BuzzFeed]
    • Facebook! [YouTube]
    • “In no particular order, the weirdest-looking pigeons I could find on Wikipedia.” [/r/misc via Angela Saunders]

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