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  1. snap-happy

    What England Is Like, Based on These Ridiculous Magazine Tips

    Written after scrolling through these.

    Amy from Slough says, “I can’t afford pricey sand! So I filled my sandbox with water. It’s fun and thrifty!”

    Picture 1: Waterlogged sandbox. It looks MISERABLE.

    Starburst quote: “Carly says: ‘What fun! This is a tip that I will do.’”

    Picture 2: Carly smiles impossibly while sitting cross-legged in a sandbox full of muddy water.

    Discussion question: Does the United Kingdom only have fifty pence?

  2. Hardly working

    Twitter Game: #lifehacks

    Lifehacks! They make your life more things! Do the places! Be yes!

    Read like 30 more lifehacks for a lifer life! ยป

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