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  1. Laura Grey and Jordan Klepper on a couch

    Every relationship is like this couch.

    ‘The Couch’ is a one-minute sketch by Klepper and Grey, whom we like.

    Watch ‘The Couch’. »

  2. Klepper and Grey talk about poops

    Klepper and Grey: Poop Brunch

    Klepper and Grey (we’ve written them up before) make comedy sketches for adults. Like, sketches that treat you like an adult audience. In this one, they show that adults need affirmation too.

    Watch Klepper and Grey deal with a toddler at brunch. »

  3. Klepper and Grey

    Klepper and Grey: Web Videos About Couples

    Jordan Klepper (who’s worked on one of Slacktory’s favorite web shows, Uncastable) and Laura Grey are UCB members who make videos that feel like little one-scene plays.

    By which I guess I mean they’re very dialog-based, and not “web show”-ey? You feel smart when you laugh? Yes.

    They have released two so far. Here they are. »

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