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    The Worst “Draw Something” Sketches I Have Seen (So Far)

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m playing Draw Something. It’s on mobile devices and Facebook, and it’s delightful. You draw a word for a friend, they guess what it is, then you switch places.

    The fun is in watching your friends try to convey ideas with sketches clumsily drawn on smartphones. As I mentioned last week on the Slacktory Tumblr, I’ve seen some great drawings. Your friends will surprise you with absurd references to unexpected things. A friend drew me a werewolf and included a basketball hoop (an excellent Teen Wolf reference). Little touches like that make the game great.

    However, not everyone tries so hard. I’m playing a couple games with strangers, and, to put things gently: they are the worst. I don’t know why they even bother.

    Check ‘em out. Four lazy, terrible drawings. ยป

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